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Lettuce planning a ‘haunting surprise’ for Stanley Hotel shows

By Steve Graham Lettuce has been bringing the funk — and the noise — for 27 years, but they can still surprise fans. Adam Smirnoff, who only identifies himself as “Schmeeans” during a phone interview, said he’s cooking up something new and fun for their first shows at the famous (and infamous, if you’re a ghost hunter) Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. “We’re going to have a haunting surprise for […]

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“Days of Sleepwater”

    Monarch Mtn. is unaffiliated with the Salida ski area, and it’s not a mountainous presence. It’s the stage name of Logan Farmer, a prolific Fort Collins singer-songwriter who has recorded six albums of experimental folk music since 2013. Still, the name suits his epic and sometimes towering soundscapes. “Days of Sleepwater” sounds so intimate and personal that it could only be a solo project, but it also is […]

How a Bob Mould show is like church

Open letter to a young rock fan: How a Bob Mould show is like church

By Steve Graham There was a time when the entire musical universe was not available at the click of a phone icon. We had to rely on “120 Minutes” VJs (look it up), your friend’s hip brother or, heaven forbid, actual print magazines to discover new music. Back in those dark ages, I found an album called “Zen Arcade” on the best albums of the ’80s list in Rolling Stone magazine, […]


Foraging for a connection

Musician, forager and father Sean Rowe coming to New Belgium By Steve Graham Sean Rowe isn’t just a prolific and creative songwriter. He also has creative ways of funding his passion and feeding his family. Through a Patreon page, fans (or patrons) can pay Rowe $3 per month for exclusive monthly demo tracks in his haunting and booming voice. An additional $2 gets some videos of his recording process. And […]

Loveland Bike Club

Community Through Cycling: One Gear at a Time

The Loveland Cycling Club (LCC) recently rolled onto the scene, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to shift into some high gears.   Started in late 2017 by Dean Warren, the LCC officially began in October 2018. “Dean moved away, but there was six of us that kept riding,” Darcy Speer, Loveland Cycling Club Board president said. “We wanted to keep this group going and growing.” At their December […]

Just as craft beer drinkers are diversifying, so are their craft beer clubs.

The NoCo Beer Club Guide

By Savannah Hayes Orr Just as craft beer drinkers are diversifying, so are their craft beer clubs. Cathy Jones established Fort Collins Pints & Purls at Pateros Creek Brewing Co. in 2015, which she and her husband owned. “I was looking for a way to indulge my knitting hobby, while at the same time enjoying delicious craft beer.” With the closing of the brewery in 2016, Pints & Purls became […]

Alex Thoele, guitar player and vocalist for Chain Staion.
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Musician Meetup

Connect with fellow musicians and music fans! Experience group jams, get advice or listen to your favorite music genre or artist. Come with ideas of what you’d like Musician Meetup to be…and don’t forget to bring your instruments! Musician Meetup is designed for all skill levels and takes place every Thursday in the Music Garage at FCMoD. Dates: Every Thursday Start time: 6:00pm Free museum admission with participation

Shitty Dad
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Dad… Trying. They are everywhere

Blaine Howerton Being a dad these days is tough. Our world is changing and so are our families. I moved to Fort Collins four years ago with my wife and 2 little boys. I found myself here with few friends, working from home. My wife has the 8-7 office job. Most days I drop at least one of the kids (often both) off at school, pick them up, fix dinner, run to […]

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Take the big jump

Fort Collins was one of 10 cities in the nation selected to participate in PeopleForBikes’ (PFB) Big Jump Project with the goal of getting more people on bikes.  Through this three-year initiative, we will work with community organizations, leaders and residents to implement a comprehensive bicycle program in Northwest Fort Collins with the goal of creating a safe, connected, comfortable and vibrant environment for bicycling. Learn more about the project and how […]

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Top 5 Places to Beat the Winter Blues in Northern Colorado

The Forge Publick House | Fort Collins There’s something about stumbling upon a bar in an alley that makes everything seem a bit more magical. The lights sparkle brighter, the door seems to open on its own, the warmth engulfs you as you step inside and slide right up to the bar. The Forge, located in the Firehouse Alley in Old Town Fort Collins, feels like your best friend’s living […]