2018 Cannabis Rehash

2018 Cannabis Rehash

Err … recap 2018 was bookended by two major developments in the cannabis industry, and my oh my, what a lot of interesting stuff got sandwiched in-between! The year did not get off to a promising start for cannabusiness. On January 4, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, to the dismay of dispensary operators and investors (not to mention virtually everyone in the entire country with dreadlocks). The […]

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
Local Culture, Arts & Community

Happy Lucky’s Tea House Hosts Tea Club for Book Lovers

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is hosting a very special Pu-er tea tasting event on February 27 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the Old Town teahouse (236 Walnut Street).   Inspired by Lisa See’s novel, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, Tea Club for Book Lovers is an opportunity to learn more about the history and making of Pu-er, the tea featured in this New York Times bestseller. Five rare and […]

Courtney Whitehead (Vocals, Guitar) of Bison Bone

“Take up the Trouble”

  Album Review “Take up the Trouble” Bison Bone By Steve Graham I miss the golden era of alt-country, after Uncle Tupelo started playing punk rock on the back porch. And when the Jayhawks threw Big Star and the Byrds in a blender. And when Ryan Adams first started breaking hearts on Whiskeytown duets with Caitlin Cary. I know I’m not alone because Colorado’s own Bison Bone draws on the […]

Post Paradise at Hodi's

Celebrate 11 years of Post Paradise and Nick’s ultimate birthday show

11 years of Post Paradise and Nick’s ultimate birthday show is February 15, 2019, at Hodi’s Half Note. It started randomly, get a few friends together, play a few tunes, have a good time, celebrate and live. It evolved into a yearly explosion that the music community looked forward to, especially the local friends and fans. The last 18 months  Post Paradise focused on writing and recording a new record […]

Longevity Productions at Hodi's

Why You Don’t Need to Leave Fort Collins to Find a Bass Music Scene

Some say the grass is greener 60 miles down the road.   And although I’m not referring to the marijuana of the Mile High, which would be an argument for an entirely separate column, I am alluding to Denver’s reputation as the “Bass Capital” (of yes, the world).   Tired cliches aside, Denver has and forever will play the bigger, greener brother to Fort Collins. There’s no ignoring that—the fact […]

Leftover Salmon

Thirty years of Leftover Salmon stories

 Boulder band’s musical book tour coming to Washington’s By Steve Graham A good road trip is more about the journey than the destination. Likewise, a music festival is more about the experience than the performance. Something special and memorable happens almost every time bands and fans hang out for a few days to jam and bond. Sure, there are unexpected collaborations and transcendental tunes. But nearly everyone who has traveled […]

Wine on draft. Photo by Cynthia Wilson

The new Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem is opening a wine bar in Fort Collins in the Exchange. The Grand Opening Party is on Saturday, February 16th, luckily Scene got a sneak peek.   The Infinite Monkey Theorem will serve wine on draft, in a can, and by the bottle. Owner Ben Parsons is a brilliant winemaker and the first person to can wine and put it in a keg. The Infinite Monkey […]

HHAp – Fort Collins: Your One Stop Shop for Happy Hour Deals in Fort Collins CO

C’mon Get Happy Hour, with the HHap

MY YOGA CLASS ENDS WITH THE CORPSE POSE. Morbid, right? But as I feigned death at the conclusion of my Slow Flow Hatha yoga class at the Aztlan Center, I was thinking of another kind of “flow.” The kind that comes from the neck of a liquor bottle. OK, I was already relaxed. But it was 6 o’clock in Fort Collins, and now I wanted to be happy, too. According […]

Felix, their golden sour, was re-fermented on pineapples and aged in rum barrels, served on nitro

Lost in Pineapple Paradise

During their annual Lost in the Woods event, New Belgium Brewing gives us mere mortals an opportunity to party in their Foeder Forest. If you are not familiar with their Foeder Forest, you must not have ever had college friends visit you and instinctually booked an NBB tour two months in advance knowing you can make a day out of all the free beer and badass stories on the tour. […]