Top 5 Places to Fulfill your Chocolate Craving in Northern Colorado


Nuance Chocolate | Fort Collins


Walking into Nuance Chocolate, located at 148 W Oak St, #D in Old Town Fort Collins, is a truly magical experience. Not only does it smell amazing, but everything looks — and tastes — amazing. A true bean-to-bar chocolate company, Nuance is one of few companies in the country that makes chocolate from raw cacao beans. They also have the largest selection of single-origin chocolates of any chocolate maker in the world, so there is sure to be something to fulfill that craving of yours. Founders Toby and Alix Gadd love how incredibly diverse chocolate can be, even more complex than wine at times, and even more so when you pair them together! Make sure to stop in this month for one of their Spirit Series, a delicious bar with a shot of Leopold Bros. whiskey inside. It’ll warm you right up!


Mary’s Mountain Cookies | Fort Collins and Loveland


Whenever I’m craving chocolate — which is pretty much daily — I try and make my commute home include Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Founded by Mary Johns in 1986, Mary’s Mountain Cookies is now shipping their delicious cookies nationwide. So what makes them so astounding? Being baked from scratch, dipped in chocolate and filled with frosting or ice cream are just a few of the possibilities. Fulfill your friends’ cravings, too, by purchasing six cookies and getting two free with the “Downtown Deal.” Or you can spring for 12 and get five free (email me if you do that one). New this month are vegan chocolate chip cookies, making a perfect gift for your vegan — or non-vegan — friend.


The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium | Fort Collins


A kid in a candy store is the perfect way to describe Tony Vallejors, owner of The Fort Collins Candy Store Emporium. He’s as passionate about talking candy as I am about eating candy, and it makes his little store, 227 Jefferson St. in Fort Collins, come alive. Opened just four short months ago, Tony is already taking Fort Collins by storm. This February, stop in to fulfill your chocolate craving by purchasing Tony’s favorite: dark chocolate covered gummy bears. Afraid of bears? Grab a Bosco Milk Chocolate Bar, Aero Mint Chocolate bar from England or trade cash for cash by grabbing some chocolate coins from Holland. If chocolate isn’t your thing, Tony has many other old and new candies to make even Willy Wonka gasp with excitement. Make sure to follow the Emporium on Instagram at Fort_Collins_Candy_Store for some sweet sweets posts.

Dark Heart Coffee Bar | Loveland



Dark Heart Coffee Bar, located in the heart of up-and-coming downtown Loveland, was built with passion and hard work. Owners Allison and Justin Real wanted to create a place that gave customers an excellent overall experience. They strive to provide products and offerings from passionate people and companies who share their vision. Wandering Loveland with a hankering for some chocolate? Pop into the shop at 419 N. Jefferson Ave. for some direct trade chocolate from Askinosie, a single origin cocoa powder used in mochas and other non-coffee based creations. Ask for your mocha to feature orange and aromatic bitters, a new spin on the original available this month. You might come in for the chocolate, but you’ll definitely be staying for the atmosphere. And a second mocha.

The Cakery | Wellington



Continuing with the locally owned theme, The Cakery, located at 3706 W. Cleveland Ave., in the heart of downtown Wellington, is 100 percent family owned and operated by Jackie and Mike Isvanca. Baked with pride and family teamwork, The Cakery products come out delicious, moist and full of love. For this month, The Cakery will rotate a selection of chocolate cupcakes, including chocolate buttercream, chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate orange and German chocolate, to name a few. For the non-cupcake lovers, they also have Turtle Cheesecake and fudge-filled brownies. Craving not fulfilled yet? This month The Cakery will bring back their brownie cups, featuring layers of brownie, chocolate ganache and whipped cream frosting. Make sure to stop in soon, and follow them on Facebook for daily flavor listings and sweet giveaways.  

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