Why You Don’t Need to Leave Fort Collins to Find a Bass Music Scene

Longevity Productions at Hodi's

Some say the grass is greener 60 miles down the road.


And although I’m not referring to the marijuana of the Mile High, which would be an argument for an entirely separate column, I am alluding to Denver’s reputation as the “Bass Capital” (of yes, the world).


Tired cliches aside, Denver has and forever will play the bigger, greener brother to Fort Collins. There’s no ignoring that—the fact alone that Red Rocks is a hop, skip and jump away would place Denver as the top-ranked music hub in the state. But while Denver boasts a robust underground music culture, Fort Collins in its own right plays host to a thriving bass music scene.


Take for example the amount of weekly electronic events that occur in the Choice City.

Powered by Longevity Productions, Mindbeam Productions, and Euphonic Conceptions, RE:Turn Tuesdays at Hodi’s Half Note leads the pack, which for the last 2 years has grown to become a weekly staple in the Northern Colorado bass community. Stop by RE:Turn for yourself and see what makes this once-a-week event Fort Collins’ most successful recurring event across all musical genres.

And over the last few months, After Work Wednesdays (The East Coast) and The Colorado Boom (Saturdays at the Colorado Room) have demonstrated how deep the scene runs, giving the grassroots scene a platform to showcase up-and-coming talent.

More infrequently, Freqy: First Fridays at the Whiskey offer a monthly taste of electronic vibes, coinciding with the First Friday Art Walk.


Along with a line-up of recurring events, one-off events are finding a devoted following in the underground bass scene. Take ShaiFire Production’s recent string of successful outings held at the Downtown Artery–most recently booking Levitation Jones, Ludge and Rest in Pierce for a massive Post Future takeover, all of whom played to an enthusiastic and packed crowd.

Similarly, Household Collective has been making uptempo waves the last few years, giving the 970 its share of house music and unique club-vibe experiences (from hosting special events in the Artery’s Dazzle Room, to hosting patio brunches paired with 128bpm beats).


On the educational/community tip, the Music District hosts a monthly producer meetup, Groove Theory every third Wednesday of the month. Paired with a masterclass component, the meetup brings notable electronic artists in for an hour-long session diving into audio production techniques. Groove Theory has played host to Michal Menert, Esseks, and Frequent, among other headlining acts.


From an infrastructure standpoint, venue mainstays like the Aggie Theatre, Hodi’s Half Note and The Mishawaka have long been holding down the scene, playing host for over a decade to dozens upon dozens of Sonic Bloom and festival circuit regulars (with The Mishawaka being the original site for Sonic Bloom).


And what’s a scene without the artists that reside within it? Northern Colorado-based electronic acts including Skydyed, Brothel., Mindwalker, Stratusphere, TwoScoops, Waylo, Crimbrule, Sektah, ELCTRX, Goldyloxx, Jimeni, Krushendo, Jakattak, Pitta Patta, LER, Wadada, Eschaton, among others, have been putting in work across the Colorado and national scene, attaining recognition and bookings at high-profile events and festivals, and most importantly, putting out quality music.


With no shortage of venues, artists, production companies, and a host of electronic-based monthlies, weeklies, one-offs, and education-centric events, Fort Collins has more than enough to keep the full spectrum of electronic music fans of Northern Colorado satisfied without having to trek an hour-plus south.

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