Celebrate 11 years of Post Paradise and Nick’s ultimate birthday show

Post Paradise at Hodi's

Eleven years of Post Paradise and Nick’s ultimate birthday show is February 15, 2019, at Hodi’s Half Note. It started randomly, get a few friends together, play a few tunes, have a good time, celebrate, and live. It evolved into a yearly explosion that the music community looked forward to, especially the local friends and fans. The last 18 months  Post Paradise focused on writing and recording a new record, and now it is time to come out of retreat mode and paint the town red.


Stella Luce’s, What we love about Nick Video

Amy Morgan and Nick Duarte married their signature sound ten years ago and officially married their hearts over a year ago. The new album represents their commitment to matrimony and playing music. Although the release is summer 2019, it is an actual labor of love in all forms.


“What’s crazy about this one. It was like, I don’t know if you felt it too, but the last couple of years have been very tumultuous for many people. I feel like we felt it happening,” Nick says, “it was going on with everyone, just a general malaise over many people, and it hit me in 2018 like the whole year. I’ve been trying to find the right way to talk about it.”


The new release does just that. It has themes of the angst surrounding Nick’s emotions and all the newness and change in his and Amy’s life of late.


“I recently got back into the piano. I had a bunch of songs, but I did not know what to write about. I did not have a direction to take these songs yet. I had been feeling very depressed. These songs were kind of my way out.” Nick says, “looking back on everything now like once do a lot of writing and then you and I can go back to it later, and you see the narrative that came through that you didn’t know you were putting into it. This is over a year and a half of writing.  It will be different in an exciting way.”


Post Paradise has a new drummer. They have a new marriage. They have a new album. They have Nick on the piano and a new momentum to do things the way they want to.


“Part of the shift is we had this crazy momentum for so many years. We have had opportunities come up, things we should do, and shows we could play. It was a continuous movement.” Amy says, “We hit a point this year we did not have that, and we had to decide where do we want to go with this how do we pick a direction. Did we want to go along with where the music business is going? Do we want to still do our thing? Do we want to merge into this superhighway of pop music? There are so many weird things going on in the industry, and we decided to redefine our identity.”


Part of the discovery process of new music is inviting your strongest alliance, your closest friends, and your hometown community. That is what this birthday show is all about — celebrating finding the way back home, and a new direction.

Post Paradise w/ The Trujillo Company and Stella Luce at Hodi’s Half Note.

Post Paradise Birthday Show 2019. Created by Amy Morgan
Post Paradise Birthday Show 2019. Created by Amy Morgan
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