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Steve Poltz. Photo credit Laura Partain
Steve Poltz. Photo credit Laura Partain

Steve Poltz’s new release Shine On is a well-written spark of light and creation that genuinely lives up to its title. Poltz is coming to The Armory on March 7, 2019, to shed some of his positive vibes on Fort Collins.

“I just sort of always make up songs. It’s super fun to create and put words together. So I usually end up with a bunch of tunes, and sometimes I co-write with others. To be honest, it’s all a mystery to me. It’s magic.” Steve says, ” I just like goofing around and not taking it too seriously. Then somehow certain songs seem like they go together. I start playing them live, and I can feel the energy from the audience. The people never lie. They may not tell you they don’t like something, but I can read their faces. I’m like a poker player who can read other people’s faces and read their minds. I have superpowers. Then certain songs become standouts. They need to be documented. Other songs die in the first week. I feel sad for those songs, but that feeling will go away.”

Steve Poltz photo credit Laura Partain
Steve Poltz photo credit Laura Partain

Will Kimbrough produced this album in a relatively short amount of time. Steve had already road-tested the songs, and he came in and recorded 25 songs and whittled it down to 10. “I love being ruthless and making use of the cutting room floor.” Steve says.  In that short time, Poltz learned a great deal like that he loves soul food. “We ate good Nashville southern food and had long discussions about art and commerce their awkward dance of intersection,” Steve says. Without these conversations and wrangling with topics that push the mind, creativity may not exist.

After the soul food, the intellectual discussions and leaving a few songs to die, Steve Poltz cut a new album and moves on, “I record it and then get it mixed and mastered and send it off into the ether. I wave goodbye and move on. I’m used to it by now. I try. It to have too many expectations. Expectations are future resentments under construction.” Poltz likes it live. He is looking forward to trying out new songs and taking chances. He enjoys digging a hole for himself on stage and then trying to get out. The adrenaline gets him buzzed. 

Steve describes what he likes most about Fort Collins, “
I like the hippie mixed with redneck vibe that permeates the air. I love the dry, cool breeze that whips through the town and chaps my lips. I love the Bohemian Foundation and all the free classes they offer for folks wanting to pursue a career in music and arts.”  

Steve also likes pizza. And chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and sea salt. But he doesn’t like cookies on top of his pizza. His favorite songs on the new album are Shine on. The title track. And Windows Of Halifax.


In addition to seeing Steve at the Armory, he is presenting: Deadlines, Music & More at  The Music District Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 6 PM – 7:30 PM. Free with RSVP:

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