“Sweet Inspiration” EP review

EP Review

“Sweet Inspiration”


“I don’t ask for any promises, I don’t ask that you won’t die, when I see you sleeping peacefully, that’s when I cry,” sings Chris Kresge on the title track to his country band’s new album “Sweet Inspiration.”

Chris sang the lines to his wife Pattie every night during her final two months of hospice care for metastatic melanoma. She died in 2016. Three years later, he released the song and five others in her memory. “RIP. This one’s for you. I’m sorry it took so long to get it done,” he wrote in the dedication.

Given all that, these self-described “old goats” put together a surprisingly upbeat but touching record. You can’t help getting a little choked up over the title track, particularly knowing the back story. The next track is “She’s Gone,” a classic tear-in-your-beer country track that would make Hank Williams proud. Chris is clearly so lonesome he could cry.

But the EP opens with “Southern Blues,” a toe-tapping jig about Memphis, closes with a cover of CCR’s “Lodi,” and also includes “Country in My Soul,” another dance number about his forays into rock and whiskey that always lead back to his country roots.

Chris has a lot of music in his soul. He is the founder and president of the Rocky Mountain Music Network, DJs on The Colorado Sounds and hosts “Chris K’s Colorado Playlist” on stations around the states.

“Miss Pattie” encouraged Chris to pursue his music career after a former business and a former marriage both collapsed when he was in his 40s. Pattie and Chris met in an AOL chatroom in 1998.

“I was broke. I was in considerable pain, and had little direction,” he said.

One night, he sang to her over the phone. She flew out to Colorado to buy him a guitar, and she stayed. In 2015, when we reached a new age milestone, he planned an EP with Pattie and the rest of the band called “Six Songs at Sixty and that’s all you get … bitch.”

Both Chris and Pattie got sick, so the project was put on hold. This EP is both the realization of that project and a tribute to the love of his life.

The Goatz will play at 6:45 p.m. Friday, April 26, at Tap and Handle during FoCoMX.

— Steve Graham


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