The human-pedaled, mixed and amplified soundstage rolls into FoCoMx

TheRickshawLive is the only mobile venue parading the streets of Fort Collins with live musicians in tow. It is making a debut at FoCoMx with a multimedia reel, and an expanded stage. Dreamt up by Tim Ryschon, President at Ryschon Inc, ‘Hybridizing technology and disease prevention in the service of improved human health’ by day, and innovating new technologies for music transport by night. In 2019, TheRickshawLive received a Marketing Study grant from Colorado Creative Industries (supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts) and a special event grant from Mishawaka making Ryschon’s dream even more of a reality.

TheRickshawLive is a “human-pedaled, mixed, and amplified soundstage, designed to allow a single bicyclist to move up to 3 live performers on streets, paths, and sidewalks, providing artists and audiences up-close interactions.” Tim says.

The idea was sort of a beautiful misadventure. Tim acquired the original pedicab, Rikki, from a German diplomat in D.C. after he brought her to the US as a souvenir of his time in India. After serving a low-profile stint as a parade piece in Nebraska, he brought her to Fort Collins, intending to move people.

“Accidentally, the Rikki concept collided with Matt Smiley and Kelsey Shiba at Ace Gilletts, and before Rikki even rolled her Colorado wheels, I transformed her into a performance stage.” Tim says, “Her spindly frame, aged rims, and a small stage launched some 40 live performances in Fort Collins between March 2015 and April 2016.”

There are two rickshaws, Rikki and Rhoda. Both are live performance rickshaws decked out with the perks a band gets from any performance venue.

Rikki is the smaller of the amplified soundstages, Rhoda is the big sister. “Rhoda rolled onto the scene, moving the music at FoCoMx 2016. Rikki and  Rhoda excel at moving live performers through and next to crowds in a way that depends on the human-powered, compact stage with integrated power, lighting, and multichannel mixing, and on-stage monitors,” Tim says.

Rhoda is equipped with an 18 channel wireless mixer and multi-track digital output to put the recording studio on wheels. Rhoda handles three performers (drums, keys, and standup guitar or bass), they use headset microphones to capture voice to isolate motion artifacts that occur during (motional music sessions) the performance on the rickshaw. This year TheRickshawLive has expanded the capacity of the stages. This roving multimedia performance trailer grew for two more performers to join the stage at FoCoMx.


 The Rickshaw performances at FoCoMx 11

The route is northward up College from Olive, through Firehouse alley, back west on Mountain, right through Oak Plaza with a U-turn on Olive, and back again.


7:00pm7:45pmThe Rickshaw Live | 18+Maya BennettAcoustic-Folk

8:15pm9:00pmThe Rickshaw Live | 21+TMULESinger-Songwriter

9:30pm10:30pmThe Rickshaw Live | 21+Ryan DartSinger-Songwriter



7:00pm7:45pmThe Rickshaw Live | All AgesAdrienne Rae AshSinger-Songwriter

8:15pm9:00pmThe Rickshaw Live | All AgesAndrew DeCarloSinger-Songwriter

9:30pm10:30pmThe Rickshaw Live | 21+Cody SchellSinger-Songwriter


“Fort Collins as a city is awash in music, and creative talent is virtually without equal in the U.S.  Bringing this talent within reach of pedestrians, side-walkers, city plaza surfers, and trail users have kept us busy, but for 2019, we have bigger aspirations.” Tim says, “Many cities and communities in Northern Colorado do not enjoy such exposure and therefore, are not involved in creative appreciation, which deprives creatives of a range of supports necessary for sustaining their pursuit.”

To bridge that gap this year, TheRickshawLive will take performers on-the-road throughout Larimer and Weld counties to deliver live performances to local events, venues, and special appearances, designed to enthuse county residents and mobilize them as aficionados of the creative life.

“TheRickshawLive is a non-profit, promoting creatives, their creations, and their economy by rolling them up-close for your personal enjoyment. TheRickshawLive accepts tax-deductible donations, so you can support creatives with more than your hoots, hollers and clapping – you can be the economic force that sustains them,” Tim says, “You can make your donation right on Of course, the ‘hat’ is always ready on-stage.”

TheRickshawLive is available for special events and can be contracted to appear by filling out a contact form at

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