Colorado Born: OrganOmatrOn

Colorado Born: OrganOmatrOn

OrganOmatrOn is a soul/r and b/funk band with a lot of texture and space groovy and fun to dance to not afraid to push boundaries. Rightly so with members of some of Colorado’s historic bands like Cabaret Diosa, Big Gigantic, Matt Flarity band, hot soup, leftover salmon, Drew Emmitt Band, Bill Nershi‘s blue planet, analog sun, judo chop, Wendy Woo, Euforquestra and Grant Farm.

“Chris and I have been friends and playing in different groups together since the ’90s if you can believe it, and Matt and Chris met in Nederland in the 2000s, played a bunch together in different groups,” says Jon. “Eric and I met playing with Analog Son, and we kind of organically played gigs together, we all have weird senses of humor and get along well, so I think people can pick that up during the shows,” Jon adds.

The makeup of the band is Jon Gray – cornet, vocals, Matt Flaherty – guitar, vocals, Eric Luba – keys, key bass, Chris Misner – drums. This is their first time at FocoMx together but they have been performing along the front range for 5 years in different permutations, finally settling on this lineup about two years ago.


What started as a traditional organ trio, morphed over time into more of an electronic thing. The name comes from that original idea and the timbre, but Jon says, “The keybass thing that Eric does, is hip.” And that is how it became so much more than the embarkation.


As a rooted band in the Colorado music scene, Jon describes what he enjoys most about playing here,“ the Colorado scene is great, because it is very expansive and deep, as far as musicianship is concerned, it’s interesting that you can go hit a dozen places in Denver on a random Wednesday night and see great bands everywhere, with the same thing in Boulder and Fort Collins. FocoMx does a fantastic job of concentrating that vibe into a single weekend”


The band wows their audience, not only through the music but in a myriad of ways Jon says,

“We’ve been known to cross-dress pretty often, so don’t be too surprised if you see some weird dudes in dresses setting up drum sets and keyboards, we’ll still rock it, even in ladies clothes.”

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