Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way

The debut album from Daniel Rodriguez, guitarist/vocalist of Elephant Revival is a journey of the heart. Produced by Elephant Revival bandmate, Darren Garvey, and jack-of-all-trades.

The soothing sounds of Rodriguez voice mix with some interesting music dynamics and stellar musicianship transport the listener into the storyline. The meridians of sound are substantially a traveling record with dreamscapes of other lands, deep experiences, and subtle endings.

Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way is a poetic response to the hiatus of the band of Elephant Revival and the experience Daniel had with the band.

The longing in this album is humbling and complex. It is a vulnerable piece of work that speaks of traveling through the night to find that ultimate love and even to lose it. It is a healing work of art. So rare can a lyricist really pull at my heartstrings so I feel the loss and know that it will be a bigger part of the story.

They recorded Your Heart The Stars The Milky Way at Mountain Star Studio in Blackhawk, Colorado and features Fruition’s rhythm section, Tyler Thompson on drums and Jeff Leonard on bass; Lewi Longmire on electric guitar and organ.

Special guests include Jay Cobb Anderson of Fruition on vocals and slide guitar on “Back Roads”, Thomas LaFond of Banshee Tree on vocals on “Back Roads”, and Eric Deutsch of Leftover Salmon on organ on “Steal The Night Away”.


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