I tried it… Foco Da Vinci Body Studio

A few months ago I was walking the pup around Old Town and saw something peculiar. Tucked away, as a part of The Exchange—which typically houses a bunch of indulgent, yummy temptations—was a small fitness studio. It had boards, straps, and harnesses strewn about and I was instantly curious. Back home, and a few Google searches later, I uncovered the mystery: Foco Da Vinci Body Studio. After digging around on the website, I discovered that the first class for locals was free, so I texted my workout buddy and we signed up for a Friday morning class.  

As someone who nerds out about health and fitness, originally a nutrition and exercise science major in college, I was super excited about a new way to burn some calories, sweat a bit, and challenge my muscles. And this excitement continued, even when my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. (Full disclosure, I am not a morning workout person.)

That morning, after locking up my bike outside, I walked into the studio a few minutes early, as instructed for all those new to the class. Located at 244 N. College Ave., on the corner of College and Jefferson Street, the studio is easy to find, with a few parking spots on Jefferson. Immediately when you walk in you’re greeted by your instructor, who explained the class flow, showed us where to store our coats and water, and told us we could take the class with or without our shoes. Socks are required, though. I opted for shoes on, although I could have done all the moves in socks as well. Our class was the signature HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class, which is 45 minutes in length with a five to six-minute warm-up and cool down. The studio offers seven other classes, according to their website, which vary in length and style.

Once everyone was ready, we got on our boards, took a deep breath and when the music started, began to go through a series of moves aimed at gaining strength, mobility, balance, and boosting cardio. During the class, you can expect a variety of moves that will have you feeling all sorts of muscle soreness the next day… or week. The instructor was great at giving us newbies detailed instructions, while still staying with the fast flow of the class. I never felt like I was behind or unsure of how to make the moves work. The floor to ceiling resistance anchors allow for the class to never be stagnant and offer a great way to keep the moves fresh.

Once the class was over, I had sweat dripping down my face, and definitely felt like I got an amazing workout in. If you love trying new ways to workout, especially in a group setting with an instructor, Foco Da Vinci Body Studio is the place to try. Plus, it is located pretty close to Foco Doco, which you’ll have definitely earned.


Interested? Learn more and sign-up for your first class by visiting https://www.focodavincibody.com/.

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