The Roots Music Concert Series

The Roots Music Concert Series is merging Adult Artists with Experienced Youth Artists by pairing them up. A lot of youth bands play only for youth showcases or in lineups dominated by youth bands.

Curator Chad Fisher says the showcase is a subtle way to help with the evolving needs of our youth artists and a way to support them as they age out of the youth stage and feel the need to move on. “Sharing the stage and accountability with other adult professional musicians gives them a sense of pride and inclusion which is very important and will feed their desire to grow and learn,” says Chad.  “When someone is genuine about their interest, they are open looking into parts at their art they could use some assistance with.”

“Our youth music scene has always been healthy, and this is a response to the growing needs of our new and veteran youth musicians,” says Fisher. “Youth musicians and the longevity of their part in our music scene gives me inspiration for new ways to prepare them for the endless list of experiences in their career.   It also inspires children in the crowd and is sometimes what sparks their interest”

The Roots Series is sponsored by The Mish Initiative and Bohemian Foundation.  Lineage Music is a non-profit 501(c)3 Studio, and they started writing and applying for grants to supplement the costs of their showcases and other outreach work. “Bohemian Foundation and Mish Initiative recognize that artists like myself also need support to evolve and understand creative work does not always pay on the front end, but can pay off for the majority further down the line,” Chad says.  “They don’t give out free money like some might think but support causes that will help our community with positive growth. The process involves more precision than one might think, or that has been my perception,” adds Fisher.

Chad is an advocate and teacher to youth musicians, that values what music adds to a child’s life.  “Art is a way for other parts of our society to share their skills,” Chad says.  “Performing music gives children a sense of pride and belonging that most obtain with sports or other talent-based activities.  When you feel you are a part of something you will work harder to contribute and have an increased sense of wellbeing. Arts inspire people and provide a platform for someone to shine that otherwise would not,” he adds.

As the transition is a natural progression of life, Chad has endured changes with his band Lineage Music project. Now Lineage Roots, built from the Roots of Lineage is ever-evolving.  Members, Chad Fisher, Grace Kuch, Evan Neal, are the core members but they have a revolving list of talented musicians playing with them depending on the gig. they are keeping an open mind about the configuration and sound but are very bluesy.

“When I started Lineage Bluegrass, it was under the umbrella of Lineage Music because it was part of my mission statement and a big part of my instructional approach.  I thought I had kept up with my student performance opportunities that required band support and subsidize the overhead costs associated with building and managing a band,” Chad says.

There is no bus, so you can drive on up to the Mish on Sundays.

There is no cover charge but they take donations to help pay the artists and other associated costs. This is a family-friendly all-ages event


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