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Orangetheory Fitness class

As someone who loves running, and loves lifting, when I saw an ad for an Orangetheory Fitness class, I had a theory I’d love it.

That theory proved correct.

A quick scroll through their website showed me the first class was free, and just a ride down the road. I texted my workout buddy and after long deliberation to try and get our schedules synced, we settled on an early Friday morning and booked. Our initial booking was done via email after filling out a form online. The exchanges were incredibly helpful and detailed, which was a great way to kick-off a new relationship.

That morning, after pulling myself out of bed way before my normal waking, I met Rachel, yawning a hello and a “Yeah fitness!”

Check-in was super easy as well. You fill out a few forms at the front desk, grab your heart rate monitor and then go over a brief introduction before the class starts.

Orangetheory has three core elements: science, coaching and technology. Their “secret sauce” is the science, utilizing heart rate training and five different colored zones. The 60-minute workout at Orangetheory will spend at least 12 minutes in the Orange Zone (uncomfortable/working hard, typically 84 – 91% of your heart rate max). It’s this Orange Zone that helps keep your burn going, even after you leave the gym.

The coaching element promotes personal training in a group setting, tailored to all levels of people. If you’d rather speed walk than run, that’s fine! I was battling a hamstring injury when I attended class and they let me go on the bike instead of the treadmill; they were very accommodating and helpful.

The final element is technology. Using OTconnect™, an interactive technology that delivers your own heart rate and performance metrics during class, everyone is able to view their heart rate and zone in real-time, the whole class. I loved seeing how I was progressing, which zone I was in, and how to push a little harder to stay on target. And/or if I was crushing the competition. (I wasn’t, comparing me to Rachel was apples to oranges for sure.)

The 60-minute class is a mix of cardio and strength training, utilizing the treadmill, row machine, dumbells and body weights. The 60 minutes flew by, even when I was attempting to catch my breath and wipe the sweat from my eyes.

After class, the coach went through our results with us, and we were also emailed a copy (which of course we uploaded to our Instagram stories).

Overall, I had a blast at Orangetheory and will definitely be back.

Because there’s nothing like starting the day (or ending it) feeling like you’ve been beaten to a pulp. Plus, the room turns orange once the 60 minute starts, and that was really rad.

Learn more about Orangetheory and schedule your first class today at https://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/

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