The Music District turns three

The Evolution

The Music District (MD) is celebrating three years since conception and they have been listening to the community. MD is developing its programming around the needs of the community and the demands of the industry.


Kyle James Hauser, Artist Development Manager says, “We opened our doors so the community could come to us. We try to just listen and observe and sympathize or empathize and then now it makes good sense that we’re going a bit closer a little more curatorial and a lot more intentional. We are piloting a lot of programs because again, the last thing I will do is is to be prescriptive or create a program the community doesn’t want.”



The MD is a good mix of community drive meet-ups, educational programming and pilot programs for musicians.


Ground Waves


Created by the artist Murs and inspired by hip hop open mics and lyric lounges he grew his craft in. Groundwaves aims to develop and amplify the already strong Colorado hip-hop scene and artists via a vital, authentic, and critical open mic format, where Murs and an audience of peers are the judges.

“Murs can do whatever he wants with this. It’s partly an effort for Music District to support this [hip-hop] community and this kind of programming but also ways to support artists of his stature creating new modular programs like this that they can attach to their brand We don’t own it,” Kyle says. “We’re trying to help him develop this programming hopefully to go to other cities across the globe and do it.”

Julie Sutter, Community Manager speaks about Groundwaves, “it is a supportive but challenging and constructive environment for rappers to try out their craft encouraging the community to learn how to give good feedback.  Murs’ is very intentional about developing both the people in the audience experiencing the material and the artists that are presenting it.”


That is the goal of the Music District (MD), to ‘Find your place in Music.’ MD is a supportive hub of resources, tools, and spaces that anyone can create in.  At MD you can do anything you dream. One way the community is using the space is Meetup.


Shane Zweygardt, Technical Manager says, “We are not a retail store, coffee shop or library. We just want to provide a neutral space for people to assemble and celebrate music-related topics without any other strings attached.“

Jess Reed, Programs & Events Manager says, “We want rad stuff to happen in the music community.  And sometimes we’re a venue for it. Sometimes we’re behind it most of the time we’re just here to support it.”


Sample Meetup running at the District:

Groove Theory – “A place and format for music producers of all levels to share new original works-in-progress, and to get constructive and supportive feedback from fellow producers.” Also, there are Masterclasses with big-name producers.

Synth – Enthusiast for synthesizers and synth music. Join a group of others creating music in the synth realm.

Songwriters – Singer-songwriters gather to share and critique new works.

Bossa Nova-the unique lovers of the genre Bossa Nova play music together.


If you have an idea for a Meetup and are unsure how to get started, the MD will teach you how to run a Meetup.




Educational set up

MD is a home for education. You can learn almost anything about music at the MD.


Instructors rent rooms and run an independent private instruction out of the MD. The classes vary from piano/vocal to beat making. See the full list on the website.


The Workout – Pilot program for Intermediate to advanced musical artists wanting to grow in their craft. Not open to the public but there are hopes for a long-term project to emerge.


FoCoMa Consult – Have a private consult about anything you are struggling with while running your music business.


“Using our industry experience the best we can to help answer questions or do strategic planning for an album release or even sometimes, I’ll help coach them on songwriting technique or tone production on their instrument,” Kyle says. “Whatever is needed. Those consultations are free of cost artists are welcome to reach out to us to set one of those up.”


The MD is always seeking opportunities to bridge people together. Coming to the hub for any reason opens doors for a collaborative musical community that grows, learns and plays together.

Dead Floyd rehearsal at the Music District. Photo by Jennifer Folsom
Dead Floyd rehearsal at the Music District. Photo by Jennifer Folsom



Have a band? Need room to rehearse? Need a soundproof room for recording? At the MD you can rent a room for an hour. The rehearsal room rates start at $10/30 mins and can vary so check the website for an accurate rate per room.


The Library and the Media Library are free to use to the public upon a reservation. You can apply for a private function in the Living Room.

The Surround Sound Bash

The Surround Sound Bash is the official celebration of the Music District’s third birthday. It is a walking mixtape with various opportunities to experience music from hands-on approaches to just consuming a great band. Walk around the whole campus and find your place. September 28, 2019, free with an Rsvp, enjoy live performances, DJs, multimedia interactive, photo ops, themed activities, jam sessions, drop-in music lessons, food trucks, cash bars, AND explore the Music District campus with an immersive scavenger hunt game.




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