Tom Kha Asian Bistro: Creative International Fusion

With all the entrees you expect in a Thai restaurant like the usual Pad Thai and Curries, imagine turning a menu page and coming upon many happy surprises.

With a wide assortment of fresh Seafood, Oysters and Clams, Rack of Lamb cooked on an Asian grill, and dishes that make you wonder like Thai Cioppino Stew, Thai Fajitas, Thai Pescatore Seafood Pasta, Hong Kong Flounder, Korean Ribs, and among many, a stir fry of Asparagus and Shiitake Mushrooms that’s just a small sampling of their extensive menu.

Along with meat eaters, vegetarians and pescatarians will be in heaven dining at Tom Kha. And while I’m not an expert on vegan dietary restrictions, with their vast assortment of homemade sauces and on-hand ingredients, I’m betting their chef and kitchen staff would be able to create a dish to your dietary specifications. And the menu indicates that “gluten-free options are available upon request.”

Originally learning to cook in China before moving to the States in 2011 Chef Di Zhang worked in Thai restaurants in several States. Perhaps due to his extensive background in cooking with many exotic ingredients using varied cooking techniques he was surprised to find a disappointing consistency bordering on blandness in many Thai restaurants. He longed for the opportunity to create truly outstanding cuisine using the freshest ingredients, with bright, bold flavors along with a visually artistic element. Lucky for us, he succeeded!

At Mason and Laporte, with an outdoor terrace, and a parking lot to the east, it’s well worth walking one block west to try out this exceptional restaurant.

But hey, don’t just trust this reviewer — consider online reviews that are understandably effusive with comments such as “Food was incredible…make sure to have the Lettuce Wraps!” “I had the best Margarita. Just perfect.” “modern ambiance” “very classy” “Can’t wait to go back!” “delicious food,” “beautiful atmosphere,” “Both lunch items were under $10.”

Added to the lovely bar and dining room was some of the most soothing background music I have heard in any restaurant in Old Town — makes you want to just relax, get comfortable, and enjoy one of the best meals you’ve had in some time in any restaurant! Can you tell I’ve loved every item I’ve ordered at Tom Kha Asian Bistro?

Order in or take out. The restaurant is located at 144 North Mason at Laporte. Their phone number is: 970-888-0102, open most days 11am till 9:30pm and on Friday and Saturday till 10pm.

Spread the word as at Tom Kha Asian Bistro they do so many things right they richly deserve our dining dollars!

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