The Nature of Storms Whippoorwill

The Nature of Storms Whippoorwill


Sportsball nerds play fantasy football. As a music nerd, I play fantasy concerts. It’s not an organized league or anything. It’s just me daydreaming about concert lineups and bucket list shows I would love to see.

One of my current top fantasy shows would be Whippoorwill opening for the Highwomen. The Fort Collins alternative folk-rock trio perfectly complements the Nashville supergroup that unites Amanda Shires and Brandi Carlile with two other acclaimed but lesser-known country songwriters.

This year’s Highwomen debut is full of story songs and country-folk harmonies. Whippoorwill may be less famous, but their album is no less engaging or beautiful. The three members play on the same musical playground as the Highwomen, but they are more like the scuffed-up kids playing with matches over in the corner. Their music is a little grittier, and the lyrics are a little more atmospheric than the Highwomen’s straight storytelling.

The band has built up a strong live reputation and a substantial little catalog of singles and EPs, but they took their songwriting and production to the next level with this full-length debut, “The Nature of Storms.”

Whippoorwill started as a duo when Staci Foster met Alysia Kraft of the Patti Fiasco at a porch party in Austin. Much later, former Von Stomper drummer Tobias Bank joined the group. With the hypnotic percussion and fantastic three-part harmonies on this album, it is clear that they were always destined to be a trio. As Bank told us earlier this year, “our voices fit together like DNA.”

Producer J. Tom Hnatow (of Horse Feathers) also adds to the album, particularly with his mournful pedal steel guitar work.

Whippoorwill plays an album release show on Friday, Nov. 15, at Washington’s.

— Steve Graham

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