Cheers to a Growing Music Venue

PHOTO BY MATTHEW DIERLAM. Josh Long performing at Prost Brewing in Fort Collins, CO.

by Sean Clancy

“Prost!” means “Cheers!” as you lift a glass of some of the best ice-cold German-style biers you’ll find anywhere in Colorado!

But what got me excited when I first came on board, last February was that besides an excellent selection of quality biers and a spacious interior, Prost has a feature not commonly found in breweries — a stage.

Endless possibilities came to mind as I considered ways to fully utilize that feature in booking not only more of the many excellent bands local to Fort Collins but also touring bands.

And our timing couldn’t be better.

With the closing of The Artery and most bars not having much room for musicians, let alone a stage, besides hiring on an employee with strong ties to the music industry, we began having work done to provide a more exceptional venue for our performers.

In recent months Rockfan Entertainment, a company that provides high-quality audio solutions and lighting, has helped us transform our stage into the improved music venue it is today.

So far, we’ve installed a Bluetooth Stage Lighting System, replaced or refurbished a majority of our speakers, and brought in the various equipment that bands require, such as a PA system, monitors, etc. Sound dampening pads to ease some reverb and assist the sound of the back room are also in the works.

We are actively working on becoming one of the best music venues in Old Town.

We’ve been booking some big talent like Lily Winwood, All Night Train, The Bones of J. R. Jones, Randall Conrad Olinger, Possessed by Paul James — to name a few. Keep watching — we’re just getting started!

Besides booking bands, we will also be the host/main venue of Choice City Stomp.

And watch for the last Wednesday of every month as we now also feature live comedy. Bringing in some national touring comedians, we pack the house — in these times, who doesn’t need a laugh?

Once again, we’re on the docket as a venue for FOCOMX.

For the hungry among you, as if all that wasn’t enough to get you to pay a visit, on weekends, we often feature Nomad Micro Pizzeria. They create a made-to-order pizza with imported Italian ingredients and hand-kneaded pizza dough made with 00 flour from Italy — baked to order in just 90 seconds in portable pizza ovens that reach 950 degrees! Our customers tell us it’s some of the best pizza in Colorado! And on Saturdays during the day, Bratley Crew serves up some bodacious brats from one of the most wicked food carts in the Fort!

Prost Brewing and Biergarten is located at 321 Old Firehouse Alley, Fort Collins, CO, 970-484-2421. Open Monday through Friday at noon and Saturday and Sunday at 11 are.

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