Rolling out in January, local spirits from The Family Jones will be available state-wide through a new exclusive distribution partner Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC). The Family Jones, which launched in the fall of 2016, has been self-distributing products to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores since its inception. “We like to say, up to this point, we’ve been three guys and a Four Runner,” jokes Sales Director Troy Karnes. That strategy has been effective thus far, with Family Jones products in more than 180 bars and restaurants and 85 liquor stores to date.

“Our sales team has been amazing from day one,” comments Paul Tamburello, one of the founding partners of The Family Jones. “But partnering with RNDC catapults us to a whole new level with visibility and sales throughout Colorado. We’re thrilled to be a part of their local craft portfolio.” The current Family Jones sales team will stay intact and will move their core responsibility to more of a marketing role, working to drive demand with tastings, menu placements and cocktail creations.

The production team, based predominantly at the facility in Loveland, CO has been working overtime distilling and bottling product in order to hit the shelves. There are seven core products immediately available for distribution: Jones House Vodka and Gin, Annika Jones Vodka, Juniper Jones Gin, Mo Jones Rum, Atticus Jones Rye and Automatic Jones Rock and Rye. An eighth SKU will be launched in the spring, Ella Jones Bourbon, a Colorado house- made bourbon whiskey made from scratch, and barrel-aged at least two years. “While our core products will be available across the state, we will also periodically have special local releases— boutique and passion projects,” explains Head Distiller and Founding Partner Rob Masters. Those are small case runs that feature seasonal ingredients and special partnerships, such as the recent release of Trve Jones, a Genever-style gin made in partnership with Denver’s Trve Brewing.

The Family Jones estimates the move to RNDC to more than triple yearly case sales. And while the increased sales are important to business, even more important is the contribution to Colorado’s local agricultural community. “Our ability to support local farmers is paramount to our business plan,” remarks Tamburello. “Creating more demand for local grains strengthens the economy surrounding family farms.” It is estimated The Family Jones will buy approximately 90 tons of Colorado grain in the coming year.


About The Family Jones
The Family Jones is a craft distillery founded by the ultimate blended family of Denver entrepreneurs. With a production facility and tasting room in Loveland, Colo., as well as a distillery and tasting room in Denver’s Lower Highland neighborhood—known as The Family Jones Spirit House—The Family Jones offers grain-to-bottle spirits built on Colorado crops. Led by pioneering distiller Rob Masters, the premium spirits line features Annika Jones Vodka, Juniper Jones Gin, Mo Jones Rum, Automatic Jones Rock & Rye, Stopgap Bourbon, and Atticus Jones Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey. The Jones House line of well spirits includes Jones House Gin and Jones House Vodka. The Family Jones spirits are currently available on- and off-premise at more than 250 locations throughout Colorado. For more information, visit www.TheFamilyJones.co.

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