An Interview with Jared Jensen, Fort Collins Song Writer, Teacher and Musician


Jared Janzen is a performer, teacher, songwriter, and studio musician from Fort Collins.

His main style emphasis is contemporary finger style guitar with singing, blending traditional genres such as folk, r&b, and rock into one. Influences include Andy Mckee, Michael Hedges, James Taylor, Ray LaMontagne and much more.

He plays in Blue Taboo, and also collaborates with several artists in the Fort Collins and Boston, MA areas.

In spring of 2015, he released a solo EP titled “Truth”, and in spring of 2017, he released a single, “Magnets”. His latest single is “Crystal Stones”, released spring of 2019.

Jared is currently working on a full length album. His band, Blue Taboo, also recently released their second album, “Oceans Rust/Morning Fog.”

Jared has performed at many venues throughout his musical career, has been teaching private guitar and vocal lessons for 6 years, teaches workshops on fingerstyle guitar, and has 7 years of studio experience. Jared is currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, and will be graduating this May, 2020.



Do you have any local shows coming up?

Nothing booked yet, but I’ve applied for focomx, and will be booking summer shows soon!


Tell us about yourself? When did you start? What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I’ve been playing music since I can remember, starting with drums. I just kept playing, and eventually picked up guitar when I was about 12. I fell in love, and started writing a lot. It’s led me down a very cool and introspective path. I hope to spread awareness and healing with my music. 


Describe your music in general, its flavor and style.

My music is a mix of folk, rock, and percussive finger style guitar. Some tunes are just guitar, and the others are a blend of it all. It’s gentle yet exciting at the same time; always leading somewhere. 


What inspires you when you are creating music and performing?

My main inspiration comes from God and life experiences. Sometimes that means stories, and other times it comes out more metaphysical. What really inspires me while I’m performing is the profound connection I feel to everyone in a room, and how we can all create such an impactful experience together. 


Tell us about your new single. What inspired it?

“Point of View” is actually an older song of mine. I wrote it in high school about a friend and I’s relationship. It was a way for me to process it, and also observe it from the outside. I was also listening to tons of James Taylor at the time, so a super 60’s-esq folk tune came out. 


Tell us about some of your other songs?

Some of my other songs are pretty folky as well, but usually have a bit more rock influence. I also have a lot of songs that are just instrumental finger style guitar. The latest song that I just finished writing has a lot of Romantic and Classical influence (mainly from Beethoven early string quartets). 


What do you like best about playing in Fort Collins? How long have you been here?

My favorite thing about playing in FOCO is that warm fuzzy feeling of being home, and seeing tons of loved one’s vibe out to my music. I’m a FOCO native, but have been at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA since Spring of 2017, so coming back is always great. 


What do you have to say to someone who comes to see one of your performances?

Take a deep breath, and just allow yourself to be here. 


When someone sees one of your performances, what should they expect?

People should expect a relaxing, introspective, and inspiring concert experience if they come out to a show. My goal is to allow the space for people to reflect and heal. 


Is there a particular moment that sticks out from one of your recent performances?

At my most recent show in Manchester, NH, my group and I just felt like it was the best we’d ever played. We were so relaxed and in the zone. So not a specific moment that stuck out, but just the general vibe of the set was awesome.   


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