Lil’ Smokies at Washington’s in Fort Collins Puts on a Great Show

Photo by Blaine Howerton. Lil' Smokies, February 13, 2020.

By Blaine Howerton

The house was packed and the bar at Washington’s in Fort Collins was somewhat empty on a Thursday winter night. Lil’ Smokies told the crowd about their adventure in. “We almost didn’t make it,” said Jake Simpson. He said the group drove around I70 into Wyoming and then back down South to get to Fort Collins. They went miles out of their way to get to the venue.

From the moment the Lil’ Smokies hit the stage the crowd was engaged, dancing, and singing. The Lil’ Smokies sound is very unique. The band crosses Old Town Roots Americana with a bit of a pop sound. Their mix of instruments and sounds makes for a great show.

Every song sounded different. Every member of the band was into this show and so was the house. The standing-room-only floor was packed until the very end.

We asked Jake Simpson (fiddle and vocals) some questions before the show.

1. What inspires you when you are creating music and performing?
Everything affects everything. When we are on the road, literally anything can be a source for inspiration. From things you see out the van window, to people you meet, and experiences you have. The best inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.

2. Does the album have a theme?
If Tornillo has a theme, to me it would either be hope, or progress, but I’m sure it would be different for each band member, and different for each listener.

3. Fort Collins will be one of 5 Colorado stops on your national tour. Have you played in Fort Collins before? What are you looking forward to most about playing at Washington’s?
We have played Ft. Collins but never Washington’s. We are looking forward to rocking new tunes in a fresh room!

4. You are getting quite the fan base. What do you have to say to someone who comes to see one of your shows?
Thank you! We love you!

5. When someone comes to see one of your shows, what should they expect?
If you are planning on coming to the show, you can expect 90 minutes of authentic expression. No gimmicks, just five humans with a message to share, and a safe space to enjoy yourself with other like-minded music lovers. Come express yourself with us!



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