Fort Collins Based Nadalands Releases New Ep “All Souls Day”

Listen to his previous release (The 49th Parallel) while you read:

Nadalands started recording in 2000 with performances in 2004. It is Fort Collins based John Lindenbaum’s solo songwriting and recording project.
“All I hope to accomplish with my music is to express some confused concepts and emotions and then find a few people to hear it. Global stardom, music-fueled violent revolution, and good vibes dance jams are probably out of the question at this juncture,” said John.
The genre is post-songwriter, meaning that indie-folk-singer-songwriter structures are augmented by post-rock, trip-hop, and grime/UK rap instrumentation.
John says novels, films and other music inspires his music. “They Will Drown in Their Mothers’ Tears by Johannes Anyuru is a very, very good book. I’m currently inspired by the music of Dave, Russian Circles, Young M.A, Drab Majesty, Denzel Curry and, like everyone else on this doomed planet of ours, Big Thief and Stormzy,” said John.

His The All Souls’ Day EP came out on January 17. He says the two previous Nadalands releases addressed death/despair/collapse and rebirth/new civilizations/new social movements, respectively, so this latest release blurs the lines between the two categories. Past and future, dead and living, myth and fact, biological and mechanical.

It is produced by The Gryd, an obscure electronic beat maker who lives in his basement.

The All Souls’ Day EP is more of a continuation of sonic and lyrical themes from previous Nadalands music rather than a completely new direction. The acoustic guitars and harmony vocals harken back to earlier Nadalands EPs, but the dense electronic beats have been more present on songs over the past 5 years.
“A handful of friends and fellow musicians in Fort Collins have been very supportive of Nadalands over the past decade. So, I like playing with other acts whom I know and love, and it’s great when someone actually knows a song you wrote,” said John.
Nadalands shows are usually solo and acoustic. John says not to expect frenetic programmed drums, a million synthesizers, or catastrophic sonic fury. “It is a damn privilege to have anyone listen to one’s music, so mostly I would say thanks for coming to the show,” said John.
When asked about what someone should expect when they see him perform:
“Too many words and probably a touch of stage fright. Also, some really joyous anthems about class war, environmental catastrophe, and diseases of the future.”
John will have a solo Nadalands set, opening for TMULE and Chad Price, at The Forge on Friday, February 21.
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