Fort Collins Seconds to Years Releases New Single ‘Blurred Lines’


Seconds to Years is a new band in the Fort Collins area. They just released a new single called ‘Blurred Lines.’

Wes Klukkert answered some questions.


Tell us about Seconds to Years.

We started as a duo in 2015 under the name Hot Sisters before bringing on additional members and recording our single as Seconds to Years. Over the years we’ve had many shining moments like competing in Bandwagon’s Battle of the Bands, Opening for September Mourning and opening for Trapt in early 2019. 


Describe your music in general, its flavor and style.

We really enjoy making music that is tailored to our strengths. Jordan is a powerful, dynamic  drummer; Scott has one of the highest vocal ranges in the region; Ken has a mathematical, theory-based background; Wes generally stays the hell out of everyone’s way; all these things culminate in our sound and style: it is dynamic, modern hard-rock. 


What inspires you when you are creating music and performing?

The cheers and the beers. Seriously, we love the people! Playing live, recording music, writing; all of it is worth it when we get to share it with the people around us. 


When does Blurred Lines come out? What inspired it?

Blurred Lines is available now! This track addresses the dying art of critical thinking and one’s ability to “think for themself”. We rely on different media outlets to tell us how we should feel about a topic rather than inform us of the facts and allow us to come up with our own opinions. Blurred Lines brings out a certain attitude lyrically and a demanding instrumental presence that is unique to Seconds to Years. 


How does Blurred Lines differ from your previously released music?

With Blurred Lines we dove more into song dynamics (highs and lows) and added a few tempo changes to accommodate different levels of “excitement”. This is our first release with a true electric guitar accompanying Wes’ unique bass setup. We have been able to experiment with some cool tones and effects that add a new flavor to this release that we haven’t had prior.


What do you like about performing in Fort Collins? When/Where are some of your upcoming performances?

We have always enjoyed Surfside 7 and The Artery before they discontinued their live music shows. We have been focused on implementing a new instrumentalist into the sound and haven’t been playing out recently. We are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel where we are ready to bring our music back to Fort Collins better than before.


What do you have to say to someone who comes to see one of your shows?

Hi Mom, thanks for coming…


When someone comes to see one of your shows, what should they expect?

Tasty riffs and savory licks. And also memes. Wes one time brought a lamp to the Artery as a way to get everyone closer to the stage, because moth meme. 


Is there anything else you would like to add?

A huge thank you to Chris Beeble and everyone at The Blasting Room. We miss the Artery very dearly and would like to express our continued love for the otherwise disbanded staff. The sound, security and payment was always above satisfactory. Thanks for everything. 


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