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SINCE ITS FOUNDING 30 YEARS AGO, AND ITS RE-ORGANIZATION IN 2018, THE NEW SCENE MAGAZINE HAS BECOME THE PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT & LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION IN NORTHERN COLORADO. Branded and time-tested, it remains the #1 source for music, arts and entertainment news in the region. As an alternative publication, the New SCENE’s readership is naturally diverse and somewhat non-traditional. This is the New SCENE’s niche and strength in the community. Editorially, the New SCENE supports those who are creative, enlightened and adventurous with thought-provoking, inspiring stories. The New SCENE is well known as a local community sponsor and supporter of music, arts, culture and more. To accommodate the new SCENE’s rich, diverse readership and changing media trends, the magazine has established itself not only as a premier print publication but online as well at and Facebook. Readers along the Front Range pick up the New SCENE to check the fully comprehensive music and arts event listings. Here are some quick “stats” for you to get a feel for our demographics and monthly distribution:

Average Age:
18- Senior
Nightlife Involvement:
60% of the New SCENE readers go out at least once a week. 33% go out 2-3 times per week.
62% of the New SCENE readers are fully-employed, with a medium to high amount of expendable income.

Where to Find Us
We Distribute In:
Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Laporte, Wellington & Southern Wyoming
Dedicated Drop Sites:
over 500
Average Monthly Circulation: 13,000
Average Pick-Up Rate: 98%
Impressions per Ad: Upon first read, approximately 75% of readers will see your advertisement in the New SCENE. Because so many readers will pick up their copy of the New SCENE throughout the month to check Hot Dates and music/arts listings, however, the total views of your advertisement increase throughout the month, with multiple impressions per reader.

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