10th Annual Sister Winds Festival at Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Ayla Nereo‎ will perform at Sister Winds Festival among other women musicians.
Ayla Nereo‎ will perform at Sister Winds Festival among other women musicians.

Sister Winds started on a farm 10 years ago from a dream and a vision of a women-centric festival. Sister Winds is at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre on Aug. 26. The festival is a one-day event with musicians, speakers, delicious vegan food, unique vendors, shamans and more. The event is sponsored by the Mishawaka, with proceeds going to Water, Trees, and People. The festival is Shaela Noella’s labor of love.

Shaela dreamed of performing her music in a non-competitive, inclusionary environment somewhere in a picturesque location that felt free and open.

“The way the music industry works is interesting,” Noella says. “Often, it is very masculine. I think part of my inspiration was to create a festival where we get more ladies on stage so that we can be comfortable to shine and share our music, and a place that’s not so competitive. Sometimes being in the music industry can still be really competitive. So trying to bring in more energy of like and family and supporting each other’s music rather than trying to be better than each other.”

From that foundation, she has had the support of volunteers and a grassroots production crew that have molded and shaped the Sister Winds Festival. This year is the first time she has sponsors, such as Dani Grant from the Mishawaka, believe in her mission. “I want to express the gratitude to Dani Grant (for) her support of women in music. Having a sponsor like her this year is helping us grow to the next level,” Shaela says.

Event producer Bridget Law of Elephant Revival speaks about the festival, “Sister Winds is a festival curated for women to shine in their talents and for all genders to enjoy! Mishawaka welcomes us to this lovely natural environment to wade in the river and listen to the whistling of the pines. This year it is also a full moon!”

The show starts at noon (doors open at 11 a.m.). Lineup includes Ayla Nereo, Nina Storey, Bonnie Paine & Bridget Law of Elephant Revival, Qbala Music, Katie Gray, Xerephine Musica feat. Teresita & Maqi Star of Lunar Fire, Mama Lenny and The Remedy, Whippoorwill, Porlolo, Liz Barnez, DJ Mandi Lix, Shaela Noella, Sister Winds Ensemble, Fierce Le Fey, Las Curanderas, Ley Line, Ariana Saraha & Flight Behavior, Bethy Love Light, SpectrixX

Workshops will be presented by WishGarden Herbs, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brigitte Mars, Voice of Truth, Bee Heroic, Acro Yoga with Laura Zeigler, Belly Dancing with KymBreanne, and Sacred Circle Meditation. Activities include Rainbow Lightning, Fire Dancers and Healing Village.

Organizers of Sister Winds envision bridging communities by creating a friendly environment to create magic together and positive intentions for the future. Every Sister Winds Festival donates to a global cause. Look for special promotions and giveaways on its Facebook page leading up to the event.


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