Acupuncture to the Rescue! Relieving the Physical Effects of Touring


Featuring Greensky Bluegrass’ Dave Bruzza

As touring musicians can attest, life on the road can be a rewarding yet challenging lifestyle. Loving what they do, musicians travel city to city, playing show after show, which is very physically demanding. Let’s take the role of the guitarist for example: commonly the fret bar is held in the left hand, strumming is done with the right, and the guitar itself is strapped over the shoulder. Imagine this sustained posture for hours at a time, night after night. Talk about repetitive strain on the body!


Fort Collins’ own Dave Bruzza, guitarist with nationally touring Greensky Bluegrass, plays as many as 175 shows annually as the band tours for up to 8 months out of the year, plus summer festivals. Playing countless sold-out shows at the country’s most quintessential venues including Red Rocks Amphitheater, it’s no surprise that Dave’s hands take a beating.

I caught up with Bruzza while he was in FoCo between festivals and he shared his experience of receiving acupuncture at Achieving Health Clinic in old town Fort Collins.

What brought you into Achieving Health Clinic for acupuncture treatment?
“Performing night after night was taking a toll on my hands. I tried many different ways to help ease the discomfort, when my wife recommended I see you for acupuncture.”

How did it affect your ability to perform?
“It never stopped me, it was just uncomfortable after the night was over.”

What did you have to do to get by between performances?
“I was eating ibuprofen every day and ice and heat after and before.”

Tell me about your experience with acupuncture?
“Acupuncture was the relief I was searching for! After my first session my hands felt so incredible and I was surprised how effective it was. Especially since I had a slight fear of needles. My experience with acupuncture has taught me that the therapeutic benefits are endless. It not only helped relieve pain, but it helped me relax. My whole body and mind are always at ease after any session, just an incredibly grounding experience every time.”

Does it hurt?
“Sometimes it stings a little, but not that often. Most of the time I never even felt it.”

What other lifestyle changes have you made?
“Changing my diet was a huge help to my overall wellbeing. I’ve found that dairy and I don’t really mix. But I love cheese, so I’ve learned about balance.”

Would you recommend acupuncture at Achieving Health to other musicians?
“I would 100% recommend Achieving Health to anyone for anything.”

Visit for Fall Tour dates! Also check out Bruzza’s new rock band “Dave Bruzza: Unsafe At Any Speed” by following him on Facebook.

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