Album Review: Timothy John’s album “Hand of Help”

By Jasco
Recordium Studios

Timothy John approached me a year ago with an amazing batch of acoustic singer songwriter material, all which spoke profound truths from his heart. The result of those recording sessions are Timothy John’s album “Hand of Help”

Hand of Help is primarily vocal and solo acoustic guitar, with one piano tune. The songs range from ballads to infectious slapped grooves. His ability to play more than just conventional guitar strumming extends into his warm sounding finger style, accompanying his singing and writing voice. Timothy’s style is reminiscent of soulful performances by Daniel Lanois.

The lyrical content is love-themed. And what makes it beautiful is that it is an honest extension of Timothy John’s soul, and not some cheesy pop-love-ballad formulated for record sales and airplay.

If you want to hear what it sounds like to love, and forgive yourself, then look no further than Timothy John’s attitude held within the lyrical content on debut album Hand of Help.

The recording sessions with Timothy John were always memorable and it was cool to witness his spirituality and rituals in the studio. We had adventurous lunch breaks with exciting vegetarian food options. Every take in the studio was an opportunity which Timothy took to express his emotion. He performed each take as if he were playing an engaging live show.

If this sounds like a story you’d like to hear in song, then check out Hand of Help by Timothy John at And check Timothy John out at a live show.

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