Anna Morsett of The Still Tide

Anna at Play at Bohemian Nights 2017
Anna at Play at Bohemian Nights 2017

Anna Morsett of The Still Tide is a multi-facet musician influenced by 90s Seattle bands. Anna returns to New Belgium Brewing for their Candlelight Concert Series on Saturday, December 8, 2018, at 7 PM–10 PM.

Last spring she played a solo show at New Belgium with Charlie Cunningham, “it was so special and such relief from playing a typical bar or venue. The crowd was so attentive and kind – I feel like we were all taking part in making the evening the moving and lovely experience it became.” Anna spreads her gifts beyond The Still Tide and other performances include with Ark Life, Porlolo, Brent Cowles, Natalie Tate, and These United States She has been fortunate to play in so many bands and with people she admires. This shapes her musically and inspires her.

Anna was born in Olympia, WY and took her creative love affair on a sojourn to NYC, and Portland, looking for a place to settle her musical legs.  When she visited Colorado in 2013 she found her music home, Denver. “I fell head over heels for the music community when I was out here visiting Denver after a long summer of touring,” Anna says. “I was only supposed to be in town for a month. But, here we are, over five years later, and I feel like all the magic I was so overwhelmed by then during those early days in Colorado – all the talent, inclusively and support – is still here. I would’ve been a fool not to stay.”

Anna shreds the guitar, she writes songs and is the lead singer. Being a female can present barriers and exclusions in the music industry. Over the years it crushed her at times. But she found it made her better at holding her own, being herself and not bending to appease. “Not bending has made navigating the music scene better. Not necessarily easier but I don’t come away from some of those less than desirable experiences and feeling as exhausted and defeated as I might’ve when I was younger,” Anna says. “Find other supportive, strong musicians – other female musicians definitely but not only to talk to and share with. We have to hold each other up and I’m profoundly grateful for all those who have held me up over the years.”

In December she is playing solo shows & short features. The Still Tide is working on a full-length record. She is still writing tender and more solo driven songs as well. They have a  huge single-release show on December 28th at Syntax in Denver. Then she is aiming to just hunker down and work on the album until completion.

“The biggest obstacles I’ve had to face are the personal and invisible ones, things like self-doubt and fear,” Anna says. “It can be daunting, all of it, and without a clear path, it’s easy to lean into that kind of darkness and give up. Watching others be courageously vulnerable in their work has really moved me to work harder and more bravely.”


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