Annual Fall Harvest Brewfest benefits local pet rescue organization

The 10th Annual Fall Harvest Brewfest has sown some delightful seeds over the past nine years.  With over 35 breweries and micro-distilleries, music, food and general buzzy good times, brewfestians have enjoyed of brewers’ favorites, old standby’s, new creatives and small batch brews for almost a decade.  As the event has grown, so has the Colorado landscape with new beer pioneers opening their doors, dotting the topo brewmap. On top of all of this goodness? Dogs.


Specializing in second chances since 2009, Animal House has been the conduit for uniting humans and their faithful friends for close to a decade.  It seems a small thing, but the way a life trajectory changes when a canine companion comes on the scene can be hard to express. They take root in our hearts and lives in a way that has been waxed poetic throughout time.  We don’t often get a chance to give back to these selfless beings and the brewfest is an opportunity to do just that, with the rescue as the sole beneficiary or funds raised.

Unlimited samplings are included with ticket prices ranging from $37.50 for general admission and $55.00 for an additional hour of tastings.  MouCo and Nita Crisp will provide small bites with NoCo Q and Umami food trucks on site for more substantial fair. For those looking to expand their palate or desire beer alternatives, check out options from Wheelhouse Canned Cocktails and Climb Hard Cider or local micro-distillery favorites from Feisty Spirits, Old Town Distilling and Syntax.   

Come out and raise a glass to these furry wonders of unconditional love, soulful eyes, wagging tails and soft ears on September 8th.  It’s always a good time to “drink a beer and save a dog”.  

The Fall Harvest Brewfest will be held at the Lincoln Center on September 8th. Entry starts at 5pm.

For more information, FAQ’s and to purchase tickets, visit  

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