Date Night: Pizza by the Slice Tour of Fort Collins

Lindsey Roberts holding her pizza.
All Photos by Eric Forbes in Fort Collins, Colo. on Feb. 9, 2017. Lindsey Roberts joyously holds up her barbecue pineapple pizza at Slyce.

In honor of National Pizza Day last Friday (Feb. 9), I created a date good for any day: a pizza by the slice tour of Fort Collins. My date for the night, Lindsey Roberts, and I went to the following restaurants serving the best food on earth: Slyce, Pizza Casbah, and Cosmo’s Pizza.


We started at Slyce, the cutest restaurant and best place for a date by itself. In the middle of Old Town, the picturesque restaurant did not disappoint. We sat down to enjoy a barbecue pineapple slice that we split. The cozy ambiance was great to kick back and enjoy the falling snow, a splendid conversation, and great company.

Lindsey’s Take: “I liked the venue. It was more of a cozy feel, which was good.”

Pro Tip: Ask for your slice to be warmed up extra. On a cold night like Friday, you can avoid a couple of cold last bites and ensure your meal stays full of flavor.

Pizza Casbah

Next up was the most divine slice of pizza of the night: Pizza Casbah’s THE MOBSTER! Coated with meat, THE MOBSTER holds four hearty meats meatballs, bacon, Italian sausage, and pepperoni.

To top it all off, Pizza Casbah is a great place to bring a date. There was groovy music, interesting artwork, and arcade games for my fellow nerds!

Lindsey’s Take: “I really liked that one! The pizza took a little long to get us, but it was worth the wait.”

Pro Tip: Order your own slice because you are not going to want to share something this good!

Cosmo’s Pizza:

The final destination of the night is one of Fort Collins’ favorite late night snack places: Cosmo’s Pizza. We got the only topping that mattered: dollops of gooey cream cheese. We demolished the sizzling piece of pizza in a brief moments. Cosmo’s was the perfect way to end the night with the richness of the cream cheese tasting like dessert!

Lindsey’s Take: “I liked the cream cheese, but it’s a little cold in here.”

Pro Tip: Get the cream cheese for a topping. DO IT!

Lindsey’s Final Take: “I actually thought it was a very clever idea! I told my friends and they were like YES! . . . Pizza is my favorite food so it was a good date for me.”


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