Dear the New SCENE readers: October 2018

the New Scene Magazine and North Forty News Publisher, Blaine Howerton

Throughout history, when government leaders sought abusive levels of power, the first thing they did was to openly attack the press. Under totalitarian rule, newspapers are closed outright, journalists are imprisoned, and often executed — and why? Because a free press serves its community by observing its elected officials, and informing its readers of its findings.

But what happens when increasingly newspapers are gobbled up by hedge fund moguls (many with connections to elected officials), stripped of their assets, and closed?

Or, equally as bad, when newsprint tariffs are levied to protect one northwestern company, an act of outright cronyism, that then causes operating costs to escalate dramatically for the entire newspaper industry, well beyond the sales region of that one northwestern company.

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical scenario — this is happening now. Case in point: the increased cost of newsprint due to tariffs was recently passed on to us — an immediate 30% increase!

In February, when I took on the challenge of ownership of the New SCENE along with considerable financial risk, I did so because I could not bear to see yet another locally owned publication shut down. I knew its loyal readership could support the business model I had designed. Soon enough, I also learned of loyal advertisers who wanted to support it. They wanted to see it continue. Looking back on the past 8 months, the New SCENE has made significant progress. We have provided you not just with an improved format but also with task of comprehensively covering events and the arts in our community.

The New SCENE is growing. We are reaching more people. And we are seeing an increase in community support — all signs that our community wants to see it survive and prosper.

At the New SCENE, we are seeking new ways to reduce the impact of newsprint tariffs. This includes more content on the website.

The bottom line: If you are reading this, we not only paid to get it to you, but we paid for the copies that are sitting there waiting for a multitude of readers in your community. Costs include paying the journalists and editors, paying for design and layout, paying for printing, and paying for a wide distribution to stores and newsstands throughout Northern Colorado.

If you picked up our free edition at a newsstand, consider it our gift. But we need your support. If only 10% of our readers subscribed, I could deliver the expanded vision I have for the New SCENE right now. And this vision would fill a significant “entertainment journalism hole” currently existing in Northern Colorado.

For this reason, I have started our subscription program. For about $3 per month, you are supporting the New SCENE’s efforts and we’ll send you the magazine in the mail each month.

Go to or fill out the subscriber form on the back page and show your support. Show how much you care. Your support will help take us to a new level. There are no commitments, no confusing payment systems — just a token of your support that will make a big difference in events coverage for your community — and all for about one coffee a month.

I love Colorado and our community. That’s why I live here and I’m happy to consider you my neighbor.

Thank you for reading the New SCENE.

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