DJ Tarkus brings love for video games into a radio show


DJ Tarkus, an Ethnics Studies major at CSU and host of “Video game Vertigo,” brings their love for video games into their radio show at KCSU every week.

DJ Tarkus, aka Syd, was 8-years-old when they first started playing video games. Syd’s parents bought their family’s first playstation and their parents “[apparently] didn’t know what a memory card was.” Syd ended up playing to finish the game every time and “could beat the first three Spyro games, Crash Bandicoot and Metal Gear Solid in under an hour.”

Syd’s first semester on KCSU, as is the case with every new DJ, started with primarily playing new music that came into rotation, but their video game theme was still infused into Syd’s show. They started by simply talking about video games on the breaks between songs and by the second semester DJ Tarkus was sticking to strictly video game music.

In their downtime, ⅓ of the music DJ Tarkus listens to is video game music and the last ⅔ is comprised primarily of rap and hip-hop.

If you want to hear their insight live tune in 1-3 pm every Friday on 90.5 or streaming at!

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