From the Publisher: August 2018

the New SCENE Magazine and North Forty News Publisher, Blaine Howerton

Dear the New SCENE readers,

Here we are in the full bloom of summer with its vibrant greens, its stunning display of wild flowers, its family-friendly outdoor grilling events, and among others, the ARISE music festival on August 3 to 5 on the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland and the NewWestFest on August 10, 11, and 12 in Fort Collins.

Many of us will plan “staycations” and with good reason. With the beauty of our State we don’t need to get on a plane especially when we consider just how many people get on a plane to come here!

But in order to truly enjoy the beauty all around us we do need to s-l-o-w down, ditch the tech gadgets, and actually make a phone call where we can experience how surprised our friends and family members are to hear from us (and not just read “of us”).

It may take a few tries for your friends and family to get over their initial shock that you are not texting or emailing but actually want to hear the inflection of their voice, their laughter, and their enthusiasm for the plans you want to include them in. THESE are important elements of an exceptional “staycation.”

It all begins with connection — to nature, to our friends and family, to a slower pace of life at least for the period we have set aside to rediscover ourselves and this earthly paradise we are lucky enough to call home.

Hop in a hammock, go on a slow hike alone or with friends and family where you all agree to silence your cell phones being fully present to the people you’re with, and fully present to nature and all that it has to offer — and being careful to leave it as you found it.

Going to a festival or out camping in a scenic spot in August?

Take a few shots and send them in with dated captions to:

If selected, we will post them in one of our next issues. You may provide inspiration to our readers to get out there and experience the beauty that brings millions to our State each year.

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