Getting Familiar With Your Local Strains

By: Ben Peddie, The New Scene

Before one decides to consume cannabis, its beneficial he/she knows what they may be getting into. There are hundreds of different strains that, to the casual consumer, might all seem the same. To an avid pot smoker, though, one slight detail could make all the difference.  It’s important to know what makes certain strains more potent than others, and what features are important to look at. Let’s discover some local strains and find out what to expect from them.

Blue Dream

  • Primarily a sativa (the giggly, energetic kind of bud), but has some indica roots
  • Will leave you feeling positive and euphoric.
  • Scent is distinguishable and fruity, while its leaves are coated in orange hairs.
  • Known for being more of a “day-time flower” to smoke
  • Can be found at Infinite Wellness Center and Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins


  • A hybrid strain, containing mainly CBD (meant for relieving pain).
  • Will leave you feeling relaxed and pain-free
  • Has an earthy-type scent
  • Recommended for those who don’t smoke often and want a mild body buzz
  • Can be found at The Green Solution


  • I spoke with Max Poling, Marketing Manager at Infinite Wellness. He says Jillybean is one of their most commonly recommended strains for the occasional smoker.
  • It has a “citrusy, fruity smell to it,” which is where it gets its name.
  • Poling says it’s not going to give you the typical euphoric high, it’s going to be a bit more balanced.
  • Recommended for social butterflies
  • Can be found at Infinite Wellness Center

Snow Squall

  • A sativa dominant hybrid containing over 30% THC
  • Will leave you feeling invigorated and creative
  • Covered in white tri-chomes, giving it a frosty look. Hense the name…
  • Versatile strain that keeps your mind upbeat while providing an intense body buzz
  • Can be found at The Green Solution

Super Skunk

  • A straight indica (the body, couch-lock type of bud).
  • Will leave you feeling sedated and worry-free
  • Dense green buds accompanied by a powerful smell
  • Recommended as “an answer for increased stress and body pains.”
  • Can be found at Organic Alternatives




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