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Making something that people care about is probably the best the band Honey Honey ever aims to do. The Los Angeles duo always strive to do better and make a change in the world, seeking ways to do the musician gig without wasting so much, gas, food, plastic and time. The band is playing for change at the Fort Collins Nursery Rock Concert Series as they embark on their “goodbye for now” tour.

Honey Honey members have played together almost exclusively for ten years, a foundation grounded in friendship rooted in support of each other’s growth. After such a long journey, as they say, members have gained equal parts joy and passion for “the glory of music and lack of transferable skills,” band members said in an email interview. “It’s amazing the endless discovery and the gut-wrenching fear that comes with painting yourself in a corner.”

And what did keep them together for so long? They say, “wacky chemistry” and “a period where the universe or whatever you want to call it kept dishing out even more bizarre and wonderful opportunities whenever we were ready to throw in the towel.”

This Fort Collins Rock Garden Concert Series is a fundraising event benefiting The Growing Project to support its mission to promote the value of a healthy, diverse, and just local food system to all residents of Northern Colorado through direct agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy. All proceeds from wine and beer sales at the event go directly to The Growing Project.

“Goodbye for now” is not the end of the band —  just the configuration as it is, members said. Duo Ben Jaffe and Suzanne Santo both have solo releases. Suzanne in the summer of ’17 and Ben in the spring of ’18. “We’re moving in more separate directions now than we ever have but we ain’t no soothsayers. Who’s to say what’s to come.” And they add, “We both always rejected the idea of having a band that we felt trapped by in any way and I think it took us both making our own records to prove that to ourselves.” Now they are living out the path of being a support for each other and buddies.

They said they couldn’t wait to visit the Centennial State. “Everybody loves Colorado. We’re just looking forward to being there. You guys have some of the best wee—crowds in the country.”

As for the future of the band, they sum it up as, “Welp, we don’t have any brand new HH stuff. We’re looking at this tour as a bit of a “goodbye for now” scenario. Like when you leave your parents house. You’re gonna see them again, but it might/should be awhile. We do have a few more tricks up our sleeve as far as unreleased music from over the years. We may put some of that out.”

See the ‘goodbye, for now,’ show at the Fort Collins Nursery Rock Garden Concert August 4, 2018, 6:00 pm
At Fort Collins Nursery 2121 E. Mulberry St. Fort Collins, CO, 80524

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