Have yourself a Cannabis Christmas


Do a quick image search online for “Christmas Cheer” and you’re sure to come across a few photos of wine glasses with little Santa hats, or a fancy cup of eggnog. But for those of us who prefer cannabis, perhaps this year we could try a cannabis Christmas instead.

Cousin Eddie’s RV in the driveway, the in-laws in the guest bedroom, 17 people packed around your 5 seat table, just thinking of the anxiety makes me want to reach for my vape pen.

I think we’re all familiar with the ups and downs of alcohol, and especially it effects during this stressful holidays. But when you consider the known effects of cannabis, and the desired outcome of the holidays, they seem like a perfect fit. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men, singing songs, eating great food, snuggles by the fireplace, sharing, and generosity. Ask any pot smoker, and that’s the gist most times when you have a little taste.

It’s also been great to notice the many baby boomers in line at the dispensaries around town. Currently, people still seem a bit closeted in their cannabis use, but what if grandma and grandpa were filled with a nice glow from a tasty infused edible, making them a little more comfortable and filled with a little more cheer, instead of Hot Toddies and Christmas ham? Perhaps they could have the peaceful Christmas they long for. Besides, grandma and grandpa may be a lot cooler than you think. Go to any reputable Dispensary around town and you are bound to find quite a few baby boomers in line.

Plus, with all the great cooking that goes on around the holidays, cannabis seems like a great secret ingredient for a little adult consumption.

I am clearly an advocate for normalizing cannabis in our culture. I genuinely enjoy the effects of cannabis in social environments, not only while I am partaking, but also the vibe that pot brings to a group. Sociologically there still seems to be quite a bit of cognitive dissonance about normalizing cannabis. We know it’s relatively safe, and people using it are generally more peaceful, yet many still have this visceral reaction when we think of pot around our family. “What about the kids?” My argument is that I would rather my kids wonder why grandma and grandpa are giggling, versus trying to explain why uncle Eddie is drunkenly lurching over the Christmas ham, expounding his theories on the “real” meaning of Santa’s red hat, and the evils of “The Fake News”.

I’m not anti-booze, I’m pro-include pot as an option. Most of my friends and loved ones really enjoy having a few drinks and act reasonably responsible while partaking. The thing is, booze isn’t a great option, or maybe preference, for many. If the idea is good will, then maybe Christmas really would be a great time to introduce cannabis as another offered option for increasing cheer. The Holidays can be challenging, and I’m all for any reasonable thing we can do to make them more joyful and less stressful.

So if you’re not a cannabis user, but a kind-hearted person, maybe this year, a gift you could give is generosity in spirit. Observe your thoughts when you see someone consuming an adult option, truly look inward and ask yourself if you are assessing the situation fairly. It may seem like a minor consideration, but take it from a kind cannabis user who has been judged harshly for my preferences, no one likes to be judged harshly, especially by their loved ones, especially during the holidays.

So from me and my family to you and yours, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season filled with joy, peace, love, and holiday cheer! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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