KCSU is back for the semester


Tune in every day to hear music, news, and sports chosen or created by CSU students. But, there is something that KCSU loves almost above all else, local music. We scour the Colorado music scene to find great local bands to play on our airwaves and to perform in our studio. Our Local music department broadcasts live studio sessions by local Colorado artists. These performances are recorded and will live forever as podcasts on the KCSU website.

This September we had two bands In-Studio, Fat Stallion and Disturbance Happens. Both of these can be found on our website under our Podcast tab. This month we will have Alone at the Gym in on October 10th at 2pm, Clay Rose of Gasoline Lollipops on October 24th at 2pm and Taro on October 26th also at 2pm. Tune in at 90.5 FM or KCSUFM.com. If you’re in a band email local@kcsufm.com to get on our airwaves.




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