Local Fort Collins Artist J. Novak

J Novak standing next to his portrait of Robin Williams

By Madison Marcy

J. Novak, has been making art his whole life, from drawings as a kid, photography in high school, to graphic design when he attended Colorado State University. Though his art has changed throughout the years, Novak’s recent projects have taken him back to basics, pen and paper. He said going back to this medium helped him to embrace the handmade feeling of art again.

The Not So Distant Future
The Not So Distant Future

Novak’s art career started when he graduated CSU in 2007 in freelance graphic design with a company he started with his partner called Cognation. Freelancing lasted for a few years before Novak went back to his roots, painting and drawing.

His art revolves around things he like, he said, along with what he feels is his responsibility as an artist, “to speak truth”. His truth and his reality he said are what is most important in his art, conveying what he sees in the world whether or not others always agree.

“I know my art is polarizing,” said Novak, “But as long as it is invoking an emotional response from others, I’m doing my job.”

Dump Trump
Dump Trump

Novak equates his style of art to several influences; Salvador Dali, Robin Williams, Shel Silverstein, and Shepherd Fairey. Shel Silverstein for Novak influences much of his art style, the paper and pen sketch art, while he draws inspiration from outspoken Shepherd Fairey’s need to speak the truth.

But Novak’s art also touches heavily on the comforts that he enjoys on a daily basis; coffee, music, and bicycles. Much of his time he said is spent in cafes drinking coffee and drawing, observing those around him for inspiration.

Death To Facebook
Death To Facebook

Novak hopes to have his art in more galleries over time, to allow younger generations to have more access to the art world outside of fine art. He will continue to create art every single day, speaking his truth for all to see.

“Whatever your passion is give it one hundred percent,” said Novak, “I know it’s cheesy but life is short.”

J Novak’s art can be found on his Instagram and website .


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