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Why would I write a review of a regional band’s record that came out a couple years ago? Two reasons: 1. Any locally released record is still new to the world at large. 2. It’s a great record that I think deserves more attention.

Maxwell Mud’s self-titled debut album won FOCOMA’s Record of the Year award when it came out. It was also the first full length record I’d recorded at The Recordium other than my own.

Musically, I’d describe the record as blues influenced rock reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Singer and guitarist Brian Kittrell spins thought provoking lyrics in his verses and weaves them seamlessly into fun sing-along choruses.

I like these tunes so much that I’ve been tempted to cover a few of them such as All You Wanna Do and I’ll Be Around with my band. The difficult part of that of course would be to try to copy Brian’s masterful guitar lines. Brian has a way of spinning a thread of melody, tone, and soul on his guitar that makes it hard for me to take this disc out of the player.

I also think that the rhythm section of Kenny Jones on bass and Kevin Johnson on drums did a great job of playing the right parts for each song. They forged compelling grooves without over playing or being too sparse on the entire record.

It was great to experience Maxwell Mud’s band chemistry in the studio. They had fun with each other while showing a focus on the music and respect for their bandmates that made this record come together effortlessly.

If you’ve somehow missed this record, I’d suggest picking up a copy and giving it a listen.

My big question is: When is Maxwell Mud II coming out?

Jasco is the owner of The Recordium and guitarist of local bands The Symbols and Stompit

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