Metal heads get ready for metal festival


Metal Fest will debut at the Aggie Theatre in June with twenty metal acts over two days. Most are from surrounding areas in Northern Colorado and a few are from out of state.

Not too long ago, it was hard for Metal Bands to get into local venues. With recent growth in the music scene, more venues are open to other genres of music. Metal Fest is a celebration of what the metal music scene in Northern Colorado has become.

With all and any variety of metal music, fans will appreciate seeing local and out of state metal talent. The festival is the big bang for metal heads in the northern part of the state.

Metal Fest is a chance for bands to be heard, seen and discovered.

Tickets are available at the Aggie box office during show times with no fees, online at, or at Rock ‘n’ Robins in Fort Collins. Prices are $20 for single day Tickets, and $35 for two day Tickets. $25 day of show so get them in advance.

The lineup

Day One (June 16)
Colorado bands
Genocide Method, Chieftain, Last Word, Infinite Conscious, Necropanther, and Killing Creation!

Out of state bands
Troglodyte (MO), Torn the F@!& Apart (KS), Prophecy (TX), Athanatos (TX)





Day Two (June 17)
Colorado bands
Skinned, Eye Of Minerva, The Caveat, Unreasonable Human, Draghoria, We are William, and Noctambulist!

Out of state bands
Abolishment of Flesh (TX), Hemlock (LV), Horde of Dragger (WY)

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