Famed Jazz Pianist Celebrates Half Century of Peanuts Music

By Steve Graham Picture “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” You probably conjure the Peanuts gang and Charlie’s sad little tree. And I bet you’re also humming the music. Vince Guaraldi’s simple and timelessly cool jazz arrangements of traditional carols, alongside some new compositions, helped make the first Peanuts TV special an instant classic. It is still broadcast every Christmas, 53 years after it first aired on Dec. 9, 1965. And the […]

Warm up the holidays with some Yarmony jams

By Steve Graham In between staging the 13th and 14th YarmonyGrass festivals, organizer Andrew McConathy is bringing his band and some other musician friends to Vail and Fort Collins for some Yarmony-style jams during the holidays. The Yarmony Holiday Heater takes over the Aggie Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 29. McConathy leads the Drunken Hearts, an “Electrifying Americana” quintet that will headline the show with songs that bridge rock and alt-country. […]

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My So-Called ’90s Bash

The Downtown Artery will host My So-Called Bash on Friday, Oct. 26, with three different stages of music and ’90s karaoke. Downstairs is alt/grunge/rock/pop and upstairs will have a dance party with DJs spinning ’90s hip-hop, rap and R&B. Mike Adams from The Artery and Jessi Reed from the Music District co-organized the first annual event. “It’s the ‘90s-themed Halloween party for people to get down, hear cool local bands […]

Hex Wenches Provides Inclusive Space to Wrench on Bikes 

Imagine getting a flat tire and knowing exactly how to fix it. Sounds dreamy, right?  For women, trans, femme, and non-binary individuals in and around Fort Collins, that dream can come a reality thanks to Hex Wenches, a series of educational classes hosted at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op.  Started in 2010, Hex Wenches provides an inclusive space for all riders, at any level of ability or knowledge about biking. […]

Iconic Mavis Staples brings soul and world with new music at the Lincoln Center

For more than 60 years, Mavis Staples’ soul-stirring voice has woven itself into the fabric of gospel, soul, blues, folk, pop, R&B, and rock and she’s coming to the Lincoln Center January 20th. Mavis’ legendary raw and rasping voice became the anthem of the civil rights movement, with her songs moving audiences like a tide. She sings to the world as it is, but also to a way forward. Today, […]

Dear the New SCENE readers: December Publisher’s Letter

Dear the New SCENE Reader, Throughout the year it’s important to find ways to support our community through contributions of time and money to organizations that are making a difference and especially directly through acts of kindness to individuals whom we know need them. I am proud to share that this past year we, at the New SCENE, have done our part by contributing to worthy causes, writing about the […]

The Last Waltz Revisited rocked the front range

Dalton M Vaughan On Friday November 16th the Holiday season in Colorado officially kicked off with the triumphant return of the Last Waltz Revisited. As the 14th annual event rolled into Boulder like a steam train, the anticipation for the fans raised everybody’s heart rate by a few pumps per minute. To be sure, the 60-plus musicians felt the intense energy in the air. In 2005, the very first show sold […]


The Sugar Britches: Classic Country in a Modern World

The Sugar Britches, a sweet and spicy juxtaposed duo made up of Front Range natives Brian Johanson of Glove Trucker and Josh Long of Josh and the Long Haul, are reinvigorating classic country. The Britches hold a monthly Sunday country extravaganza at the Forge Publick House, play shows throughout the Front Range regularly, and are releasing a new album this month. Brian is the “Britches” and Josh is the “Sugar.” […]

Anna at Play at Bohemian Nights 2017

Anna Morsett of The Still Tide

Anna Morsett of The Still Tide is a multi-facet musician influenced by 90s Seattle bands. Anna returns to New Belgium Brewing for their Candlelight Concert Series on Saturday, December 8, 2018, at 7 PM–10 PM. Last spring she played a solo show at New Belgium with Charlie Cunningham, “it was so special and such relief from playing a typical bar or venue. The crowd was so attentive and kind – […]

King Cardinal Christmas Holiday Spectacular

Classic American Christmas movies with dad. That’s what to expect to feel at the King Cardinal Christmas Holiday Spectacular show at The Downtown Artery on Dec. 8. Frontman Brennan Mackey’s enthusiasm for the season motivates the band’s holidays. His holiday joy is contagious, and he invites everyone to join in the celebration. Brennan’s bandmates describe him as a “full-time quintessential American road-tripping Dad.” The release of Christmas List follows the tradition of the […]