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Longtime Fort Collins resident Dan Lovett is a singer songwriter who focuses primarily on acoustic ballads and blues. His new record “Messin’ Around” features Dan singing and playing his songs with Bill Varn adding mandolin, banjo, guitar and vocals.

The songs tell tales of times and events from Dan’s life and how they affected him. I thought such direct and honest songs begged for a direct and honest recording approach, without many of the studio tricks present on so many modern recordings.

When listening to this record you may get the impression that Dan and Bill are sitting in front of you playing a private concert just for you with Dan on your right and Billy on your left, just like they were seated in the studio.

My favorites on the album are “Shoes”, a minor key tale about different shoes with different stories for the people that wear them. The lilting shuffle gives one the impression of how the various shoes might walk.

Workin’ Overtime” is a bluesy Travis-picked tune about a troubled soul with insomnia due to a plethora of problems.

I have wanted to get a recording of my songs, and there are dozens, for quite some time and never really had any real idea of how I wanted to do it.” Dan explains. “I just knew I didn’t want them lost over time.”

If you like well told tales accompanied by acoustic blues overtones, then check out Messin’ Around by Dan Lovett and Bill Varn. More info at

Jasco is the co-owner of the Recordium, guitarist for The Symbols, and promoter for I Slept with the Band festival.

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