Record review: Tony Zain “Ghost of the Americas”

by Jasco
Jasco is co-owner of the Recordium, guitarist for The Symbols, and promoter for I Slept with the Band festival.

Tony Zain came to the Recordium a while back to record a song. I really liked it, but I realize from experience that almost everyone has one good song in them.

Then he came over to record another. And another. And another. A few months later he had over two dozen tunes recorded and kept talking about the new tunes he was writing. Tony ended up picking thirteen songs to put on an album he’s releasing this month called Ghost of the Americas.

Ghost of the Americas is a nod to the Old West, a balancing act of country and western, and old style cowboy odes and ballads. The compositions are passionately sincere tales, a quality often lost in today’s beat driven music.

All compositions are written and sung by Zain. His story telling talent, along with decades life experiences, have led to this collection. Like your favorite heartfelt motion picture, Zain goes beyond history. It’s as if you are there. We know that the account of historical events are one sided. Sometimes, the rest of the story is a national embarrassment thus, swept under the rug. How the West was Won” and “Trail of Tears” are deep dark examples thereof. 

“Today, the whole truth is not emphasized in America’s classrooms” claims Zain. The brighter side of this album includes radio friendly tunes about American life with tongue-in-cheek humor.

Tony plays several instruments on this self-produced project. However, as he admits, “it would not be nearly as powerful without the production/musical skills of Mer Sal, Cary Morin, Jacie McConnell, Nick Dalessandro, Brandon Barrios, Jasco, Jamie ‘Beaker’ Willingham, Martin Limbird, Mistik, and Jack Lee.”

I had a great time recording this album, getting to know Tony, and learning some of America’s forgotten history. Hopefully you’ll get a similar experience listening to it.

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