Rob Drabkin: Hope and Positive Change Through Music

Rob Drabkin opened the Fort Collins Nursery 2018 Rock Garden Concert Series which proceeds benefit Project Self-Sufficiency, with a universal positive message
Rob Drabkin. Photo By Laura Kudritzki

When Rob Drabkin found music, he kicked science to the curb.

That was in high school when academics was supposed to be his priority, and he was actually pretty talented at both.

“I was brought up in very academic centered schools which might have been a reason why it took me so long to get seriously into music and take myself seriously as a musician,” said Drabkin, who opened the Fort Collins Nursery 2018 Rock Garden Concert Series.

“It hit me toward the end of school that I wanted to become a singer and write my songs. Although I was pretty good at sciences, I wasn’t finding my authentic self in them,” he said. “Singing and writing music became a challenge to uncover who I truly was.  As soon as I made the switch, I kicked science right out of my life, and I never looked back.”


Rob Drabkin. Photo By Laura Kudritzki

He calls the benefit show at the nursery a part of his mission in the world. The show’s proceeds go directly toward benefit Project Self-Sufficiency, with a universal positive message

Drabkin, a Colorado native who attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, recently released “It’s a Beautiful Day.” He said he wants to use the power of music to touch as many lives as possible.

“I hope my music helps people out on any level,” he said.  “It’s a Beautiful Day” is about spreading hope and making a positive change. It almost feels like a pick-me-up, morning pep song.  It’s telling folks to get out of bed, get motivated, and find something beautiful in every moment that you have.”

Playing the benefit show at the nursery is a part of his mission in the world.

“We could all benefit from caring more and judging less,” Drabkin said.  “Each day if we find a way to help lift someone out of poverty or despair or make the planet a healthier place, we would help change the world.  Each action we can take makes a difference whether it’s supporting a nonprofit like Project Self-Sufficiency or picking up trash left on the street.”

Drabkin said he is inspired on many levels from others making a change in the world.

“I’ve become a podcast addict, and I love Spotify’s Release Radar and Weekly Discovery.  Some recent finds that I’ve loved: “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers, “Amsterdam” by Gregory Alan Isakov w/ Colorado Symphony, and “Kinds & Queens” by Mat Kearney.”

“I’ve always thought music is an inherently joyful aspect of life. Of course, people differ in musical tastes, and everyone’s music abilities vary.  But when people play instruments or sing, it brings happiness to themselves and those around them. Maybe that’s why love comes across so frequently in music. I speak on love in a lot of my songs, but I try to approach it with more of a universal approach and not just romantic.”

His new release, “It’s a Beautiful Day”


Fort Collins Nursery Concert series runs all summer, and each concert supports a local non-profit agency.


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