The Widow’s Bane Rare Appearance

The story goes “In 1929, off the coast of Oregon, Saint Gabriel laid waste to the S.S. Widow’s Bane. As the boat sank languidly beneath a mournful cloud of ravens, members of the Widow’s Bane house band could be seen riding their respective instruments like rafts toward the shore. Aside from a few soggy musicians and a water-logged accordion, all that remained of that ill-fated steamship was her name. So the band took it.” The Widow’s Bane members are with a roving cast of special guests and unlikely surprises. The Widow’s Bane Halloween Ball is at Washington’s (with Whippoorwill) on Oct. 31.

Mortimer Leech was indisposed, as is his normal state, but the band’s manager Clay Rose (vocals & acoustic guitar of Gasoline Lollipops) spoke on his behalf. Clay talks about the group and how he first met them: “When they landed in Oregon in Portland, everybody just mistook them for another fucking hipster band you know, and they had a tough time getting gigs there because they just they blended in so much. So they came out to Boulder, and they stood out a little bit more. I was performing a lot at the time with Gasoline Lollipops, and I ran into them as they were performing on Pearl street in Boulder and I said, ‘Hey, you guys are pretty good. I can probably get you some gigs. And the rest is history.”

The year was 2008 and as Rose describes, his experience with the band has been nothing short of heartaches and apologies. “If I could go back in time and take back that day, I totally would. I probably would give a kidney to have never met that loathsome son of a bitch. But here we are,” Rose said. “We have absolutely nothing in common. Everything about him I despise. As I said, he’s a total capitalists and chauvinists and he’s a politician on top of that. He’s Governor Mortimer Leech. I hate politicians. I hate capitalists and chauvinists. I’m in recovery. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. But he just he doesn’t even draw a single sober breath. He is hard to be around.”

The band draws influences from pain, heartache, torture, suffering, agony, debauchery, the seven seas — and Barry Manilow. Governor Mortimer is a complete showboat and narcissist that rarely comes out of hiding. Clay says, “It is a rare sight to see Mortimer play. The only thing that lures him out of hiding is copious amounts of money, which is the only thing he loves more than sex and drugs. Occasionally, he comes out on the Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.”

It has been quite a long time since the band has played, and the lineup has changed. There will be a lot of new material and a super-special guest. Leech is in full swing of his new political campaign getting prepared toward elections in November.

Within the creative vein of the Widow’s Bane’s Hallow’s eve showcase is “Wicked Bayou” and is based on the song “Old Bayou.”  It is a gothic Hansel and Gretel tale, which takes place in the bayou of Louisiana and involves a child-snatching puppeteer and a shape-shifting Bruja/alligator that eats children’s souls. It’s all original all original music by The Widow’s Bane. There are two performance weekends taking place before Halloween — 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 20, and 2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 21. To find out more visit the Wonderbound website.

When Mortimer does make an appearance, the debauchery is unleashed, and there is no telling what will happen. The night of the living dead certainly will bring to light all the darkness that Mortimer can conjure up in his zombie spirit, and he will bring abounding immoral self-indulgence to the party. Catch him in October before he disappears into Neverland.



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