What You Don’t Know About Cabaret

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When people think of Cabaret, their first mental image is of Liza Minnelli sporting her iconic black pixie cut, tipping her bowler hat to the audience. But the history of this Broadway musical is far richer than that iconic image.

Cabaret Tour

Cabaret began with Christopher Isherwood’s book, The Berlin Stories, in which a young man observes the lives of Berliners just before the Nazis’ rise to power. One of the featured characters is a singer at the Kit Kat Klub, Sally Bowles, who would later become famous when played by Liza Minelli.

Broadway playwright John Van Druten adapted The Berlin Stories in 1951 and this is where the story won its first Tony Award. Then in 1966, with the new title Cabaret, the story of Sally Bowles and the Kit Kat Klub ignoring the world as it crumbles down around them hit Broadway and received rave reviews.

In 1972, directed by the legendary Bob Fosse, Cabaret was adapted into the iconic film many are familiar with – though the movie changed the plot, and added and removed some songs.

Cabaret Tour

Remounted in 1993 by director Sam Mendes (from the films American Beauty, Road to Perdition and Skyfall) and Rob Marshall (from the films Into the Woods and Chicago), the current nationally touring production became edgier, focusing on the darkness behind the bright lights. The great tragedy being that the cabaret performers and many in their audience would soon find themselves wearing badges that would determine their fate under the Third Reich.

This critically acclaimed rendition of a devastatingly relevant piece of art comes to the Lincoln Center April 19-21, 2018. Seats start from $20 http://LCtix.com/Cabaret

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