Laid-back front porch blues you might hear on a sultry evening in rural Mississippi in 1949. Singer/picker Cary Morin exudes low-key charm working solo and small group, mostly acoustic, with Dexter Payne’s clarinet on “Let Me Hear The Music,” and harmonica elsewhere. Morin makes no bones about his love for Delta blues and it shows. The Grateful Dead’s “Dire Wolf” gets the blue-streaked Morin treatment, the only cover. The denser […]


Animanie and the totally Insaney Animaniacs

By Lincoln Center staff Get up close and personal with the animanie and totally insaney crew of Animaniacs in Concert when they play The Lincoln Center on Feb. 8. With the original voice actors of Yakko, Wakko and Brain accompanied by the CSU Symphony Orchestra, you won’t need a time machine to go back with this beloved cartoon.   “Being able to do that music live is a huge gift,” […]


Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

As 2018 comes to a close, the KCSU staff would like to reflect back on our year. It started back in January when Trevor Hall made an appearance in our studio, performing songs from his Fruitful Darkness tour. In February, we partnered with the Women and Gender Advocacy Center to help launch “Do You Even Lift, Bro: Men Exercising So” in which we featured Johanna Brown, Cassie Cowan and Liz […]