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Fort Collins musicians come together to pay tribute to rock legends

Labeled as The Last Waltz Again, area musicians will come together to perform at Washingtons on November 23rd. The Last Waltz was the celebratory 1976 farewell concert by rock legends The Band, spawning the likewise legendary “rockumentary” by Martin Scorcese, and featuring performances by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and Muddy Waters, among others. This 1st Annual event at Washington’s is sure to be a […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Health District launches campaign to raise awareness of substance use disorders and addiction

The Health District of Northern Larimer County, in conjunction with the Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance, has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of substance use disorders and addiction in our community. The goals of the Changing Minds campaign are to shed light on the public health crisis of addiction in Larimer County, de- stigmatize the disease of addiction and give hope to the 26,000 in our community […]

Music News

Why should I support a college radio station?

As we at KCSU move into our fundraising season, this question has been on our minds constantly. When we think of why we value our station, a few things come to mind: the commercial-free music we play 24/7, the give-a-ways for concert and game tickets, the local artists that play live on our airways. While these are undeniably great features,they don’t fully showcase how we are unique. Taking a step […]

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Swingin’ Around the Christmas Tree with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

For nearly 25 years, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s unique take on American swing and jazz music has thrilled audiences around the world. Now they’re taking their “Wild and Swingin’ Holiday Party” to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center November 24. Singer and band leader Scotty Morris says, “If you’re going to go to a holiday show with your family, this is the one! It really does offer something for everyone.” Drawing on […]


Northern Colorado celebrates voting at first Rock the Vote concert

Shortly after the polls closed voters celebrated at the Downtown Artery on election day at a free concert with five bands. The evening was packed with performances from Emma Marie, the Catcalls, the Bardots, Fat Stallion and The Nightshades. “It was great to see so many musicians supporting the message to get out and vote and then following up with a celebration,” said Blaine Howerton, organizer and Publisher of the […]


Cider and Pie, Oh My!

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! What better way to prepare for a day of indulgence than discovering the chemistry laden secrets behind delicious seasonal treats like cider and pie! Did you know that apple cider was a Roman and Greek art mastered in 55 BC when the Romans sailed to the British Isles? The Romans found locals drinking a cider-like drink. The Romans spread the apple drink throughout Europe and […]


Celebrate your vote on election night with a free concert

ORGANIZATIONS TEAM UP TO ROCK THE VOTE! It’s more important than ever to show up to the polls. VOTE! Recently, local bandleader Dougie Anderson of The Bardots began polling his fellow musicians as to who would join him in performing at a free concert to encourage young adults to register to vote. Anderson, North Forty News and The New SCENE Magazine teamed up to search for a venue and discovered […]


Grace Kuch “Live at the Greeley Blues Jam”

By: Jasco Jasco is the guitarist for The Symbols and Stompit, and co-owner of the Recordium   Anyone who has been following the blues scene knows that across the nation every year there are several youths who seem to have a jump on their peers and get promoted as the future of the blues. Right here in Fort Collins we have one young lady that has been making such a […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Storytelling resurgence comes to Northern Colorado venues

By Steven Graham The New SCENE Magazine Bill Lamperes has heard a lot of ideas for his novels. All those pitches made him realize that everyone has a story to tell, so he formed a creative community space for people to share their stories — with musical and artistic accompaniment to boot. Every few weeks, Avogadro’s Number hosts Lamperes and his Tale Spinners Lounge. It is part of a regional […]

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Hip hop throwback

This past year saw Hip-Hop music dominate the mainstream; finally eclipsing all other musical categories as the most-listened-to genre. To celebrate the artform that took the world by storm all the way back in 1973, the Music District is proud to present Hip-Hop History Month. Beginning November 1, Hip-Hop History Month boasts a lineup of performances and workshops featuring special guests Carnage the Executioner (Twin Cities, MN), Kid Astronaut (Denver), Bahamadia (Philadelphia), Sacramento Knoxx (Detroit), Kind […]