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Counting Down to MISSION EARTH: FoCo Climate Change Initiative’s Lindsay Ex

We’ve met two Off the Hook Arts leaders responsible for this years uniquely relevant Summer festival. We’ve talked to a Colorado State University professor about the loudening social link between music and and the environment. This week, we will be zooming in on what businesses and government agencies in Fort Collins are doing to address climate change at a truly local level. OtHA recognizes that in order for its music […]


Counting Down to MISSION EARTH: Musicologist Dr. John Pippen

Welcome back to Counting Down to Off the Hook Arts: MISSION EARTH. This week we meet with Colorado State’s own Assistant Professor of Musicology, Dr. John Pippen. Dr. Pippen holds hefty degrees in schools from Tennessee and Ontario, and is now researching the experimental music scene of Chicago. He will present at MISSION EARTH on Sunday July 8th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm at Gilded Goat Brewery, addressing musical works […]


Counting Down to MISSION EARTH: Artistic Director and Composer Bruce Adolphe

Picture from The Guardian Continuing on with our countdown towards the June 25th kickoff of Off the Hook Arts’s SummerFest: MISSION EARTH, this week we sit down with OtHA Artistic Director and renowned composer Bruce Adolphe. One of Mr. Adolphe’s many contributions to this years festival includes his composition, I saw how fragile and infinitely precious the world is. This twenty minute exploration of its titling quote by the late […]


Counting down to SummerFest 2018: MISSION EARTH.

Have you found yourself staring through your laptop screen, just having read some jarring news feed discussing a shifting climate? Have you felt inspired by what you’ve read, but felt unsure about where to start making a difference? If you are looking for that push out of the house, the knowledge of where the world needs help, how to do it, and why, join New SCENE Magazine in our weekly […]


A Community in Music: Flobots And Antibalas @ Washington’s

Photos by Dan Peacock Thursday night, March 29th. On the ebb of an uprising in nation wide protests and civil activity, the Flobots and Antibalas (Spanish for anti-bullets) carry the surge at a renovated Washington’s. The venue continues to sport its patented stain glass window depicting Washington himself, who hangs proudly over Laporte Ave. The energy was awesome, with hands that wouldn’t go down, swaying bodies everywhere, and endless waves […]


Joe Jencks: Classic Folk for Contemporary Times

Accomplished Folk musician and boisterous baritone Joe Jencks visited Fort Collins on a cozy Sunday night, tucked in the corner-stage of a packed Avogadro’s Number. With his mandolin, teardrop shaped bouzouki guitar , and acoustic guitar, Joe opened the night with a theme all too relatable to anyone who’s spent much time near Mason or Riverside street. “Song of the Rails” tells of the woes of a laborer whose talents […]