FY5 performing on stage, while being framed by two dancing fans.

FY5: New American Roots

Fort Collins based FY5 is an American music band touring the United States and internationally.  The bluegrass and country influenced band formed nine years ago. They have been playing the Front Range ever since. The energetic and dance-inducing performances have been gracing Avogadro’s Number for years and most recently at the Swing Station in Laporte. The five member band’s climb to success was gradual at the beginning, but the band’s focused ability to […]

Eryn Anderson walking around the food truck rally.

Summer Fun at the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally

An assembly of food trucks arrive and start to prep. A crowd begins to swell the grounds at 6 p.m. and stays till dusk. There is a complex aroma at the park. Mouthwatering scents waft from the diverse food trucks and combine with the sweet perfumes of blossoming flowers drifting in fresh air. The atmosphere is laid back with kids playing, teenagers mingling, and adults relaxing. This is the City […]

A photo of a person in the crowds phone reveling the stage in-focus.

Oh Wonder Connects with the Fort Collins Community at Washington’s

In Oh Wonder’s first visit to Fort Collins they took to Washington’s stage for a night of laughs, inner reflection, and alt-pop as they performed their meaningful music brilliantly. The concert was encapsulated when Josephine Vander Gucht gave an insightful comment on the importance of being yourself before jumping back into song Another highlight of the night was when Vander Gucht and Anthony West shared their experience touring Old Town, […]

Jessie Skirball looking around.

Music Review & Chill with 90.5 KCSU FM

Jessie Skirball and I discovered the wondrous Bonny Doon album “Longwave” on our CD review date for 90.5 KCSU FM. Together we discovered the new music of Bonny Doon in a relaxing and intriguing fashion. Music is a insightful way to connect with someone, which makes discovering new music together terrific for a night. In the photos below is Skirball’s and I’s review of “Longwave”. Anyone can do a CD review […]

The Great Salmon Famine playing at Odell Brewing.

The Great Salmon Famine Play for a Good Cause at Odell Brewing

Fort Collins band The Great Salmon Famine performed Tuesday night to help Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center’s (ELC) at Odell Brewing for their annual fundraiser Nature Flows from the Tap. For those that are unfamiliar with the ELC, its aim is to bring people into nature for a bonding and educational experiences. Odell Brewing was packed with college students and the venue was a perfect fit for the terrific atmosphere produced by the lively Great […]

Photo of LET IT BE performing.
Music News

Remembering The Beatles with LET IT BE at the Lincoln Center

The music of my childhood was my mom singing away to her favorite band The Beatles. Every cross-country road trip we went through countless albums of The Fab Four. My first ever concert was seeing a Beatles cover band at Red Rocks when I was too young to remember my age. Tonight was a special evening as I joined my mom at the Lincoln Center for “LET IT BE” (a musical […]

Music News

Understanding the Muse Musical Grant Program with Bryce Merril

The thriving music scene of Northern Colorado is receiving further support from the Bohemian Foundation by way of the music grant program Muse. Muse’s objective is to help strengthen the community through supporting the growth of music associations and events. They fund projects like 53:14 (a new music video film festival centered around FoCoMX), Foundation Music School, and Create Places. Muse has a quarter of a million dollars worth of funding, and […]

Whitewater Ramble performing.

A Funky Night at the Aggie Feat. Whitewater Ramble and Others

Whitewater Ramble featuring Jessica Jones headlined the Aggie Theatre on Friday night. The Colorado group performed a set covering Led Zeppelin with superb style. Their cover of “Stairway to Heaven” was outstanding with Jones’ vocals ringing beautifully throughout the Aggie. The stage was set for Whitewater Ramble’s brilliant performance by the massively entertaining local group: The Great Salmon Famine. The Fort Collins band’s humor and unique grooviness drew smiles across […]

A wing being dipped into ranch.

A Night With the Bros at Jim’s Wings

Everyone knows how the saying goes, so it is important to remember to have a night dedicated to the bros every so often. A perfect place for a night away with the guys is Jim’s Wings in Fort Collins. There are countless flat screens displaying the night’s sporting events, scrumptious wings in a variety of flavors, and good deals that make your wallet happy. Putting Jim’s Wings to the test […]