Denver Film Festival: Brought to you by the Lyric Cinema

Opening Night Film: Knives Out starring Daniel Craig on October 31st I was thrilled to learn that a few films from Denver Film Festival’s extensive program will screen at the Lyric Cinema in Fort Collins. The Lyric has incredible programming already, but they’re doing a great job of including local and traveling film festival screenings. The Front Range is lucky to have them. You can skip the drive to Denver and still catch […]


Why write about culture?

When you go to a concert, read a book, attend a poetry reading, take a trip to the theater or visit a museum, I like to think that you’re starting a conversation with an artist. They’ve created this outpouring of creativity to try to reach your heart, your mind, yes, even your soul. If they succeed, you’ve been moved and you want to share that experience with others. That water-cooler […]


 Beautiful Boy, Boy Erased, and Ben is Back 

As we head into awards season, there’s one sure bet. At least one film about a young man facing a crisis will be garnering nominations — and possibly all three. “Beautiful Boy,” “Boy Erased,” and “Ben is Back” not only love the letter B. They all explore families struggling with addiction or homosexuality as they try to find a way to love their son while his actions threaten to destroy […]